Most times, ED is ED. But sometimes, concerns are going to be different.
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Postby robnine » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:19 pm

Yes, the whole proposition is way not as butcherous as has been described. Of course it is an emotional issue tooo, and I understand why you might characterise it thus, but once those first few weeks are over, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest you will feel so renewed all over that it's like being in your 20's again... . . .
The positives vastly outweigh the negatives.. . . . Now let me think, what are those negatives again ?? Oh, having to it to the side in my trousers to avoid scaring the horses, and small children, etc.. . . . AMX softer in flaccid state than Titan I am told. I have AMX.
AMS 700 Implant July 2015 Sydney Australia . St Vincent's Private. Dr L Carlo Yuen, and team including Dr Brenner. Excellent. It changed my life... . . .

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Postby calixtus » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:51 pm

bbb2.5 wrote:
italianbuck wrote:I am post 7 years Prostectomy. ED since then, nothing works. It was suggested an implant. After reading the procedure and horrific re-coop time, seems absolutely barbaric to me.. Having your cock ripped up and this thing STUFFED in, the black/blue marks/Possible infection. What if you do not like it? Will taking it out leave yoru cock a disaster? I am a bottom so being active/top has never been in my history. I also have had problems with hemorroids as an after affect from the surgery. I have not had sex in over 5 years. I am isolated. I keep in great shape, go to the gym 3x weekly, 5'8" tall, 149lbs, 30" waist, 42"chest, blue eyes/sandy hair, Italian. Guys hit on me a lot but then when many tops guys learn I cannot shoot a load, they lose interest. The only reason I would get an implant is to exercise the penal tissue and to please some topguys who do like to give oral. I am not a top emotionally or sexually. Any advise? I feel depressed, lonely and unwanted.

Hope you don't mind me just being as forward as I can with you. This might be explicit for some, I apologize in advance.....Like you I am a bottom, I got nearly all my pleasure from anal play and oral on my partner. Why did I get my implant done if I was a bottom. Honestly I really missed having an erection while having solo time and partnered sex. I got tired of my limp dick just laying there. Even though I could still have orgasms with concentration. They were not as pleasurable, but I could still have them. I missed having oral pleasure as well. Let's face it, it was no fun having my limp noodle sucked on.
I also felt like it would have been more enjoyable for my top guy to see and feel my hard-on while he was doing his thing. Watching my big O while in that pleasure zone. Having Oral sex for me would return.. All good stuff italianbuck, why not have it all back.

There is so many great things that will happen for you if you choose the Implant. You should not be thinking about the bad stuff. Think of how this will make you life better. Sex, Companionship and Love can be a part of your life. Don't allow your loneliness to be your life. You take great care of your body as you stated, why not take care of all of you body, enabling you complete satisfaction in your life.
I wish you the best, and don't be afraid.

CALIXTUS: I have the same positive experience as bbb2.5. I am “versatile” and really enjoy being potent (means powerful). I can screw a guy indefinitely; dick can be a little sore the next day. A semierection is nice for jerking off to porno on my 4K screen. Also, deflated, my penis is pretty big and sits high on my stuffed scrotum which includes a AMX800 artificial sphincter. In sex scrotum tightens so they can’t feel the junk in there. And for bottoms, the fucker will regard your hard dick as saying he excites you, which in turn excites him. So I urge anyone impotent to join the noble army of happy erections.
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