Can you have anal sex with the implant?

Most times, ED is ED. But sometimes, concerns are going to be different.

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Re: Can you have anal sex with the implant?

Postby NeedleD » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:23 pm

calixtus wrote:Followup at 11 months after implant. I am a geriatric stud, top. Learning to inflate to fuckable hardness took a while. (I have not had one minute up and down like Dr Eid’s Utube video. Do see.) But since my erection lasts until I let it down, I can tire the bottoms out. Three such at baths Friday night. However, tightest asses seem to squeeze fluid out of penis. Oddly enough, no one has fingered my balls and asked what else is in there.

WOW, you sure are giving that AMS a Workout and you post has me sorta thinking to go with AMS.
Venous leak for sure! Using Sildenafil and hate the side affects. Injected for over 2 1/2 years, now suffering lumps from injecting...??? Implant not available unless I pay Outta pocket. Heterosexual Sex addict. :roll:

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Re: Can you have anal sex with the implant?

Postby calixtus » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:31 pm

calixtus wrote:There is no inflation in the glans penis (knob). You feel the plastic tips of the two channels/tubes. So the glans will be the same inflated or deflated. A condom adds a more uniform firmness. I am just nine weeks post-op and am waiting for all tenderness to leave the area. I have promised my long-suffering husband he will be the first person I fuck.

Update. Eleven months later. Last night I fucked four satisfied bottoms until they got tired. To get rock solid I pumped 100 times, not all full bulb squeeze, but many rapid smaller squeezes. The only post coital soreness is from the leather cockring chafing. BTW the cockring around balls and penis stands it up even firmer and vertical.
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Re: Can you have anal sex with the implant?

Postby handfulWES » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:20 pm

Yes you can have anal sex and it is great. I will caution on one thing. The cylinders can often cause some difficulty for you and your partner. I have learned with my last implant (a Coloplast) that I have the option of different levels of size. The larger I make it the more the cylinders poke out the head. What I do is inflate so that they are not as exposed and thus I am able to nail it any way I want. For those use to having anal sex are generally use to it and sometimes I go for all the size both in length and girth. I always had a healthy girth and with my first 2 implants I lost most of my girth and some on length. (AMS 700) The first 2 implants went bad from heavy use and the pump was the problem. I like the Coloplast model all because it gives me back my full length and girth. I find using a condom is messy and as we all know who have implants we loose a lot of sensitive in the glands (head). There are 2 things you can try that will make you have more sensitivity in the head. First take some ED meds such as Viagra. I see all the post about Viagra and all its side effects but I have 100mg pills and I break them in half and that I will half again. If your doctor did his job right there is still tissue that will still carry blood all the way to the head. This will enlarge at least for me to almost it's original size. Second, don't inflate to its max amount. This will leave a tiny more space in the shaft and the ED pills will do the rest for you. I still have my own style of erection every morning until I take a piss. Every guy knows that heavy feeling before you have a hardon. Also I take Testosterone which is a huge help all the way around. My signature will give my age and how long I have used implants. I trust this will help some. I only have the highest of praise for the implant. It isn't totally perfect but if you can't keep an erection and do the job it isn't any fun. On the "T" I feel like a teenager and perform the same way in bed. I expect to keep this up till I am 6 feet under or a 100 years old. The only thing better than sex is making love with a guy who has your heart and you have his. How I perform isn't like the porn movies all because sometimes it takes 15 minutes or on some occasions it only takes 5 all because it sneaks up on you and the waves are so great that you just go with the flow. I top and bottom because I like it both ways.

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Re: Can you have anal sex with the implant?

Postby Lost Sheep » Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:27 pm

turbo900 wrote:A week ago, I had the first opportunity to top after my implant. I still can’t get my implant to inflate anywhere like others have described here. I am much MUCH smaller than I ever was before the implant, and there is barely a difference between my flacid and “hard” state. Not only that, the head of my penis remains very soft because the part that inflates stops much lower than my head. Both myself and my partner were frustrated because no matter how much lube we tried, I could never penetrate him because my head was so soft and kept mashing flat. It’s yet another disappointment I have come across so far since my implant. I keep reading here how hard everyone can get, but I have yet to experience anything close to being hard. After this disappointing first sexual experience , and no improvement with being anymore than barely inflated no matter how much I pump and pump my implant, I’m beginning to think I may have made a terrible mistake. :(

How far into your glans do the tips of the implant go, both when inflated and when uninflated?
How long is your penis when inflated and uninflated?
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