I'm new/could use help/advice

Most times, ED is ED. But sometimes, concerns are going to be different.
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I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby PTalk78 » Mon Jan 02, 2023 11:28 am

Hey there gents. Just found this place recently and wanted to get some feedback etc. I'm gay, 44, relatively healthy and for almost 2 years now I've had (to a degree), ED. Personally I think it may be from an injury but I'm not sure. It seemed to happen fast and obviously it's very concerning to me. I guess I'm wondering what next? I feel too young for this and I certainly don't feel like giving up on sex and masturbating. I've been to 3 urologists who were not too helpful. I've taken the pills which don't really work for me and most often give me a headache. I've tried pumps, rings, u name it. I've even tried these soundwave treatments. Nothing seems to help. I don't want to think an implant is my only option. I'd prefer to steer clear of a surgery and something that's so long-term. Can anyone out there maybe share their (similar) story? And offer some advice?. This has been very rough for me as I'm a very sexual person and always have been. And clearly, any man would say, things like this affect mental health as well, an area I'd struggle with already. Feel free to post and be a buddy to a guy here who doesn't have much of a clue and is feeling pretty down about it. Thx.
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Re: I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby philly444 » Mon Jan 02, 2023 12:27 pm

Hi, I sent you a PM
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Re: I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby GoodWood » Wed Jan 04, 2023 2:32 am

Hey PTalk78,

Welcome to FrankTalk. Hope you find the help you need here. I have found it really useful.

Can you give a little more detail about your history? What’s the injury you referenced? How was your erectile function before then? Has ED been a sudden change or has it come on gradually?

The single most important thing you can do is find a GREAT urologist to guide you through all of this. Sounds like you have found 3 not so great ones. Where are you located? Guys here might have recommendations for Docs if they know where you are located. If you are in NYC I have recommendations for you.

In my case ED snuck up on me for no reason as far as I could tell. Around the time that I was 40 I realized that I was sometimes skipping a condom or taking it off while topping a guy because I was losing my hardon. I’m 54 now so this was before PreP and I was worried about contracting HIV because of fucking guys bare in the heat of the moment. So I talked with my MD about it and he prescribed Levitra. But by the time I finally talked with my doc I realize (in hindsight) I had been struggling with ED for a couple years but hadn’t realized it.

You said meds haven’t worked for you but have given you a headache. If you haven’t experimented with all of the available pills I’d recommend you do so. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis (both single dose and daily dose), and Stendra. I found that I liked Levitra best, Viagra a close second, and daily Cialis made my groin ache so badly I couldn’t sleep. It gave me a great hardon but it was also IMPOSSIBLE for me to cum when I took it. I could fuck forever and stroke furiously but could NOT cum. Very frustrating. All of that to say that people react to these different meds differently. So experiment there.

When pills became undependable my primary care doc recommended a urologist who had some experience with ED. That guy prescribed injection medication. When I want to be hard enough to top (or just want to have a nice hard cock regardless of the activities) I take a small injection of medication into the side of the shaft of my cock. That sounds horrifying to most guys but honestly it’s basically a mosquito bite the needle is so tiny. That gives me a good erection for 30-60 minutes. That is usually more than enough time to get any partner to either cum or tap out. I do it discreetly. Most fuck buddies have NO IDEA. I know I’m going to hook up and bring the syringe, prefilled, with me. Just as things are heating up I excuse myself for a moment to the bathroom. I give myself the shot and return to the fun. I find that a good cock ring helps my erection be firmer and last longer. I prefer a thick silicone one. Strong without being painful. This seems to slow the blood flow out of my cock enough to be harder for longer.

it’s common with ED to not have nocturnal erections (or not as many or not as firmly) and over time this can lead to a loss of length/girth. So I also use a vacuum device (penile pump) on a regular basis just to give my cock a good stretch. I use mine in the shower most mornings for the 20 minutes or so that I’m in there. That seems to do it for me. I seem to be maintaining my size.

Shots have become less effective for me over time. But it’s been 7 or 8 years. Some guys remain on the same low dose of shots for years and years. For some of us the shots become less effective. Likely that the underlying cause of my ED (venous leak) has been getting progressively worse.

So the last resort for a lot of us is implant. I expect to have a consultation with an implant surgeon this spring to see what my options are.

I hope reading about my experience is helpful for you. Feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss further.

If you are unfamiliar with implants lots of the guys here are happy to talk about their experience and show you how they work, what they look like. My apprehension went away after I saw a couple. The idea of being able to be as hard as I want, for as long as I want, whenever I want would be a huge relief after years of struggling with ED. If one of the guys lives near you an In-person show and tell may be possible. Otherwise a Skype call can answer a lot of questions.

But first finding a great doc would be my first step if I were you.
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Re: I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby PTalk78 » Fri Jan 06, 2023 11:36 am

Thx a bunch for all the info. I'm goin to msg u when I have the time. Thx again.
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Re: I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby ProstateMIA » Tue Jan 10, 2023 6:49 pm

Hi there, my story is similar to you story. I’ve tried pills, rings, etc. I finally had good luck with injections. Now I am able to get rock hard like my teenage years. I can’t lie, though, that the tiny needle is daunting. It’s challenging to stick it in my penis. But the reward is great.

Dm me if you want to chat!
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Re: I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby Floridaspeedo » Wed Jan 11, 2023 8:16 am

Hit me up if u would like to speak. Florida here.

ED survivor 5 years. Tried pills, Gainswave, PRP, Bi-Mix/Tri Mix (worked 50% but very painful for 24 hours after injection.) 55 Gay - Single Titan Coloplast implanted June 1st, 2022, scrotal in Miami by Dr Billy Cordone..,very happy. Zero regrets

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Re: I'm new/could use help/advice

Postby PTalk78 » Wed Jan 11, 2023 5:02 pm

Yea if any of you have gotten an implant and wanna share your experience and input, it would be greatly appreciated. PM me anytime. Thx guys, this forum and posts like these are truly invaluable.
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