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Postby subhash » Thu Nov 18, 2021 8:13 am

I got my AMS LGX fitted in Sept this year.
The problem I am facing is I am not able to pump it to a rigidity that I feel is sufficient for anal sex.
I have tried anal sex 4 times so far and in each case I was able to penetrate but the stiffness I feel is not there. It is also difficult to penetrate a tight hole.

All I wish to know is--does the problem lie with my improper pumping (I do my best and have tried various techniques) or is it connected to the pump being defective/improper surgery. I have a 65 ml reservoir. I even do upto 40 pumps, but cannot achieve the desired stiffness.
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Postby navy6587 » Thu Nov 18, 2021 8:44 am

subhash...just my opinion and 'limited' experience with anal sex but here goes. I always fully pump in preparation with any partner (usually 20 or so, until I feel max pump bulb resistance). I've found that it takes a very willing, relaxed and lubed bottom to accept my bionic self. The fact that my Titan has made me more girthy and more of an 'oval' shape vice my original pre-op round shape seems to be an issue. My partners are often highly enthusiastic vers men who like my size but are not fully prepared mentally to 'welcome me in'. I am compassionate and as gentle as possible, trying a number of positions to make entry less painful. Also, I find that the erection with my implant is NOT as rigid as my pre-op version. Can't determine why not...feels very hard to me and with a 6.75" length, it should be enough to maintain good depth and allow for adequate movement for sexual sensitivity. I'm not trying to shift the 'issue' from your erection to their's just that I've had similar experiences as you. Keep trying and, as a top, I always remind my partner that his head (the big one) must be in our lovemaking...not just his body parts.
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Postby OregonStrong » Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:55 pm

I'm a gay man and also have an LGX and I can say I have the same issues. Unless the hole you are fucking is very loose, it's hard to penetrate. just not ultimately very satisfying. Even fully pumped up there is a bit of buckling of the tubing as you try to insert it into a tight hole so I can barely either get it, or it just slips out too easily. I think Titans are better implants for anal sex due to the stability and rigidity. Whenever I need an upgrade, I am going to try to insist that I get switched to a Titan. All I can say is really try to work on stretching your partner's hole for a while with 2 or 3 fingers to get them loose, or a dildo, it does help.
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Postby bclogan1 » Sat Apr 02, 2022 9:41 pm

I’m ten years post LMX implant and have had no issues with penetration. Getting the pump to the right pressure is problematic. Sometimes I have to reset the check valve three or four times to get maximum pressure. I know when my penis has a nice upward curve I have achieved the correct pressure, usually 40 pumps.

This implant has been life changing, incredible learning curve but it the end it all works out. I did a few hookups and most the guys didn’t even know I was bionic, which made for better sex.

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