UK or Ireland Show and Tell?

Most times, ED is ED. But sometimes, concerns are going to be different.
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UK or Ireland Show and Tell?

Postby jump.ship » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:46 pm


I am saving for an implant, but the other day, when having sex with someone (I take pills which semi work), it occurred to me that the chance of hiding the pump is going to be close to zero!

I think I've been so overwhelmed by the thought of the implant that I haven't fully thought about the negatives. The implant is still for me, but I am thinking that I want to do a show and tell to see exactly how well concealed, or not, the whole thing is.

Anyone in the UK or Ireland willing to help me out with this?

I'm happy to meet a straight guy, but I think it would be more comfortable with another gay guy if possible.

ED from day one. Pills semi work. Implant in the works. 36 years. Uk based.

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