Cock rings for PE

One out of Three men in America suffer with PE. It's the largest sexual dysfunction there is. Since there is no discussion board dedicated to PE so far, we will try to fill the need here!
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Cock rings for PE

Postby Frank Talk Admin » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:37 am

In our clinical work, we are always looking for non-drug based approaches to Premature Ejaculation. I have been doing more research on the use of cock rings as a way to delay climax - but not used in the traditional manner. I've been looking online, but have not found much for what we are doing. Let me back up - -

One of the behavior things we have guys learn in our treatment is to be aware of testicles rising since that is the first step toward the 'emission' phase of ejaculation. They practice masturbating and watching their testicles rise. They learn to recognize the feeling of when that happens. Stopping the progress at that point is FAR easier than trying to stop it when you are about to ejaculate. I have talked to some sex workers who told me that pulling men's ball sack down would delay climax. I have started having men where stretchy cock rings just around their scrotum. This makes it much harder for the testicles to rise. So far, we have gotten some really good reports. I had one friend try it and he said it made a huge difference.

Do any of you guys with PE use this? Would you try it and let me know? There are fat, soft, jelly rings that are comfortable. Or Google 'triple cock ring' if you like that look. Also, a lasso type adjustable ring would be good too. These rings go just around the scrotum...holding the testicles away from the body. I'm not talking about the traditional cock ring worn around the whole package.
Never leave any ring on anything for longer than 30 minutes!

Try it and let me know?

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Re: Cock rings for PE

Postby FishingTime67 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:51 pm

Hello Paul...
I wear a silicone cock bondage type that fits around my sac and Mt cock when I'm erect it does help me from reaching climax so fast I can go for 30-45 min before I have an orgasm.

I'm 51 new implant in Jan. 2018 with Titan one 24 cm no RTE,had issues with tubbing and fluid gathered around reservoir which cause deflation issues. Tubbing got kinked. Had total replacement with AMS CX 24cm 3rtes
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Re: Cock rings for PE

Postby goodwoodnow » Sat Aug 25, 2018 4:43 pm

hey Paul,

I often use a cock ring, but never to manage PE, a problem I don't have. I use my cock rings, the very flexible stretchy kind primarily to increase an erection that may be fading a bit. Usually I place them around the base of my shaft, though I have included my balls as well. Both seem to work really well. My penis gets harder and noticably bigger which both my wife and I can feel very pleasurably. The cock rings are a very nice way to enhance solo masturbation too. I've gotten to the point where i almost always use one when I jack off, and keep one handy on the bedside table when we are planning to have sex.

They are very inexpensive and a nice way to enhance sexual pleasure....with no tendency I have ever known to cause PE. Quite the opposite! Since I haven't had PE issue since my teens, I am not the best one to ask about that!Your warning is important...never keep any constriction on for more than 30 minutes! also I'd add, don't overdo it. I wouldn't want to become dependent on cock rings to support my erections. and if i use one a lot, say 3 times in 3 days, my penis get start feeling a bit numb...not good. But used well, I recommend a flexible cock ring to all guys, especially we older studs!
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Re: Cock rings for PE

Postby alfa88 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:09 pm

I wear a silicone cock bondage type that fits around my sac and Mt cock when I'm erect it does help me from reaching climax so fast I can go for 30-45 min before I have an orgasm.

I'm curious, what would I look for on, say, Amazon ? Do you have any experience with those vibrating rings? They seem counter-intuitive.

a problem I don't have

I do and it's sort of like eating an ice-cream cone on a hot Summer day and having the top fall off but every damned time. :cry:
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Re: Cock rings for PE

Postby handfulWES » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:54 am

PAUL: For what it is worth I will share what I actually know that actually really does work. The major problem is having a helper. I want to try and paint a picture.

As guys, I would say 99 percent of us had hundreds of dry orgasms before that first squirt of white appear and we realized we were a MAN. With that squirt of white came even more fine feelings. This also brought more JO sessions and most in a big hurry. By now we may be 14 to 16 (my first squirt of white was at 11) and have this opportunity to try this out on some intended person and in 3 minutes we shot our wad. We follow this behavior and change partners or play mates almost like changing underwear. As we are now about 18 or so we realized hearing other guys and from the hours of porn, you should be able to FUCK for 2 hours and then cum. Personally I never managed a 2 hour one but I did learn to stay in the saddle long enough to do the job right.

What I have discovered over the years, the fastest, the best way to end this problem is having a coach. I here the screams already - FUCK YOU. I am sorry I am right. So much of the problem for guys is just getting their junked touched and played with, sending them at least over 50 percent home if not up to 75 percent. So upon entry with only a few very slow strokes and they cream. If I am wrong here guys tell me but I'm not wrong. I work with guys all the time in a one on one. I have guys that will drive as much as 2 to 3 hours to see me. You know what my services are FREE. I will say that I have never had a guy that didn't leave a tip on my kitchen table that I would find later.

I don't use rings I don't yank your balls down what I do is teach you about touch. I have so many things that I use and I also work with your prostate at the same time. The guys who live much closer to me will generally visit about every 3 days. They do nothing in between unless it presents its self and they fill their duties to their mate. For those who are single, it generally takes a little less time BUT each one will tell me things were improving quickly. PE is something I don't know that any man doesn't face and often that one that sneaks in before you are aware is the one at least for you that seems to have the best bust.

So much is happening in the overall process. If you know you have a rather fast trigger it makes you nervous and tense. At the same time once your dick goes inside, (which is very difficult to duplicate except with the real thing) it is our nature to want to give our member some rather deep thrust. The next thing we are busting our nut and so many of us have managed to try to continue as it wrecks our insides and thus we just hate sex. I had one guy who would always rub one out before he went on a date. It helped but when he reached his end he would tell me it wasn't like one million 4th of July's. I rest my case. The older he became the less this worked because his recovery time keep growing.

Having a good coach I believe is the way to go. It will generally take 3 or 4 sessions for me to learn you and your body. On the first 2 I don't even attempt to drag things out all because I need to find out sensitive points. I always start you with a hot shower and I do a relaxing body massage. I generally wear boxer briefs and for some of my customers who tell me they felt better if my dress was like there's nothing on at all. I have a questionnaire that is short that I like for you to fill out so I have a little background. I have guys from 18 to 70 and I don't advertise other than from word of mouth. I have doctors, CEO's, blue color workers, retired, policemen, firemen and all walks of life. I don't turn anyone away. I also don't say I will cure you but what I do say is together, I will teach you techniques that will allow you to perform more like you want. Guys, there is no way of not having one slip up on you. Oh hell I still have that happen. I am caught in the heat of the moment and it is so fucking good that I am lost and suddenly I realize I am way past the point of no return. That doesn't happen upon entry but has happen when I didn't exactly or was exactly ready for it to happen. When this happens, you just roll with it, enjoy the moment because there is always tomorrow.

Yes, I can remember the time that in 5 to 10 strokes it was all over. I think that does qualify as PE.
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