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PE = 1/DE

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:52 pm
by Stew52
I did a post in the PE folder the other day about some old school methods of managing PE. Yea, many, or most of us, had at least a touch of this in our younger years, some even into middle age, and have left our women wanting more. In reviewing the lists and additions of what can cause or worsen DE, it dawns on me that some of these things could (with appropriate consideration and counsel) be used to treat or mitigate PE. The "to do" list is already made there. I've read there of numbing creams and just warned the DE crowd about aloe in lotions and lubricants as a mild nerve numbing agent. Then there is lidocane. I recall a brief stint with Paxil that almost eliminated ejaculation for me and vastly prolonged sexual encounters (instant chemical DE). FWIW.