Sprays and Cream

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Sprays and Cream

Postby YanGend » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:53 pm


I was wondering if there is a difference between gel, cream, and sprays? Sex shop offers different products and I'm a bit lost. Do they really work? Is there one better than another? What's your experience with them?

Thank you.

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Re: Sprays and Cream

Postby pehelp » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:28 pm

Hi YanGend,

That's a good question. The main difference between creams/gels and sprays are the main active ingredient. Creams and gels mostly used benzocaïne while sprays' main active ingredient is lidocaine.

Lidocaine is more effective than benzocaïne. However, lidocaïne can pose some health risk if it's not used as indicated. If you use too much lidocaïne on your skin, it will be absorbed in the blood and metabolized by your liver. For this reason, lidocaïne can't be sold in cream or gel format. It has to be in a max 10-mg dose-metered spray bottle. When you apply a cream or a gel, you don't have any idea how much active ingredient you're using. With a dose-metered spray, it's easier for the manufacturer to write clear indication on how much sprays you should use. That's why most sprays indication will tell you to use between 3 to 10 sprays and not to exceed X sprays in a 24 hours delay.

Another downside of lidocaïne is that the skin does not fully absorb it. So by desensitizing your penis, you have a risk of transferring it to your partner and desensitize your partner too. The same risk exists with benzocaïne, but most benzocaïne products explicitly say that they are okay to use with a condom. The condom will act as a barrier between the benzocïne on your skin and your partner. For lidocaine product though, it less clear if it's ok to use with a condom. You'll have to refer to the product packaging or contact the manufacturer to know if it's condom safe. From my understanding, most manufacturers haven't tested their product with a condom, so they can't guarantee that it's safe.

However, there's a particular brand, Promescent, that has a unique lidocaïne formula. You can read the details in this Promescent Review, but in short, the lidocaïne is mixed with another ingredient. By doing this, the lidocaïne can be fully absorbed by the skin, so there's no risk to desensitize your partner. The fact that the lidocaïne is fully absorbed also means that you don't have a "numbing" feeling as strong as with regular lidocaïne and benzocaïne.

If you suffer from severe PE, lidocaïne (sprays) will be more effective than benzocaïne products. However, sprays, specially Promescent, are generally more expensive, so it's up to you. The best is to try both and see which one work best for you.

I hope it helps!

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