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Re: Gollam's story.

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 7:26 am
by Larry10625
moreorless wrote:This is so so hard.. I talked with him a few times, he helped me in my lowest moments, he supported me and I really appreciate that. He made me feel better
It's hard for me to understand why he did not expect to get the implant, I think he would have been happy with it, but I'm not in his head and reading his story he was having a really bad time and he would have his reasons, but maybe if he would have waited a little more..
Anyway this is so sad he was a good person who took all his life with the damn venous leak and he was strong until he did sclerotherapy, after of that he completely lost his erections and functionality, he deserved to be happy, only if you had waited a little more gollam just a little more..
Thank you so much for helping people Gollam , I hope that wherever you are, you are happy, my prayers go with you.
RIP Gollam

He committed suicide in a hotel room, perhaps he had been to a doctor to discuss an implant and did not like the news he got... just a thought.

Very sad story. I hope the doctor that ruined his life know of his fate.


Re: Gollam's story.

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:21 am
by defiant
This is frankly shocking news and fills me with the deepest levels of sadness.

May he rest in peace. His emotional and psychological turmoil seem to have been astronomical.

I wish dearly that he had received an implantation. I'm quite sure that his quality of life would have improved markedly. I don't know the full ins and outs and viability of an implant in his case but from what I understand, it is viable for virtually all cases.

I apologise if I am displaying rudimentary knowledge.

May this man rest in peace, I hope there is life after death for all kinds of reasons and I hope that he is enjoying his.

This story MUST be brought to the attention of those that contributed to his fate.

Godspeed, Gollam.