Jelquing injury

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Jelquing injury

Postby edneedhelp » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:13 am

Please do not criticize me because I know you probably are struggling too. I am only looking for possible solutions in this post, or to hear about people with similar experiences. All I have read in other forums is criticism or anecdotes. Please help me.

I am one of the guys that stupidly injured his penis due to jelquing. This was August of 2015. I can get a half hard erection now: the left side is hard while the right remains limp. The right side will not go down and maintain rigidity. And it feels like the right side has been shrunk in thickness to a scary degree. This obviously makes sex extremely difficult. Also, I can feel myself ejaculate from my right testicle to my penis, but not from my left testicle.

I went to a urologist yesterday and she said it was peyrione’s disease. I think it is also hard flaccid and soft glans. I can get an erection, but it is difficult to maintain. I will admit the right side of my penis curves to the left now. It might be because of scarring on the right side that is preventing blood flow. She recommended Viagra and if that doesn’t work, surgery. But even she said surgery may not work and may induce more problems.

Do you recommend surgery? Pelvic floor therapy? Please help.

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Re: Jelquing injury

Postby jelquinginjury » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:40 am

Hey man you arent alone.
There are a lot of guys with ED due to jelquing, jelquins is a lie, and very dangerous, you can be injured even if you are very careful
I m in a similar situation than you, but i havent the difference that you have between your left and right cc. (it could be peyronies certainly but i dont know)

I have soft glans and venous leak, if you have soft glans Have you tried to press your superficial dorsal vein and observe if the glans is fuller?
Have you noticed new bigger veins and blue/spiders veins in your penis after jelqs?

I need physsical stimulation to get an erection an to maintain it. When i have a full erection if I dont stimulate phycally it will fall down

The problem with jelqing is that with jelquing you make the veins are bigger and the blood is not retained when not closed these by the pressure of the tunica, with the consequent loss of the erection
Injury that caused venous leak.
In my 20s thinking about implant

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