Venous leak: some information

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Re: Venous leak: some information

Postby naginati » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:02 pm

I know, in retrospect, there was nothing wrong with me. I just had self esteem issues.

Go over to 'thunders place' or 'pe gym'. It's a world of madness. People preach such nonsense, they have no understanding of how things work. The blind (and sometimes those with personal interests in selling products) lead the niave and insecure. Often to life changing injuries.

This site is a goldmine of rational, decent folk. They are often older too, which adds real wisdom and patience. I haven't really seen that on any other website. I'm so impressed with this place.
30 years old. Venous leakage from jelqing. Soft glans and difficulty with cavernosal erection. Using osbon tension bands to cope, works so far. Good erection with the bands. Hope it doesn't get worse.

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