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Postby Maxihurst2033 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:55 pm

So I spoke to some people on here about insurances and implant/ revision coverage but seems like its not easy at all. Most employee based insurances will exclude coverage even at times if its medically nessacary. Was looking for individual insurance that cover implants/revisions and you can you use in different states but most are expensive and will want you to stay local. If your lucky you live near a good surgeon.

For us young guys, its not ideal at all. I might have to pay out of pocket for eid or hakky that could be from 20k to 30k plus. Now 10 years of not worry is not guarenteed. If the product breaks, costs maybe lower. Infection on the other hand, your paying alot.

At this point saving $300/400 in the bank per month might be the plan for the next 5 years after implant. I'm really sitting here preplexed at how fked up this is. I maybe overreacting but this is something to think about.

How are most of you dealing with this?
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Postby Lost Sheep » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:12 am

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The conventional wisdom is that you only go for an implant if your current situation is untenable. So, even if you only get one year of function, it is still better than what you have pre-implant. If a failed implant is worse than your current situation, then you are not ready. Put another way. If you get an implant that fails, are you worse off than your current situation? If he answer is "yes" then you are not a good candidate for an implant. If your current situation is worse than haveing a failed implant, then you are ready.

Remember. An implant's cost is about the same as an adequatly decent sports car. Service life about the same, too.

As far as insurance is concerned, that is a blessing if you are fully covered. Count is as such. Health insurance (for thinkgs like an implant or injury after accident or sickness) is supposed to restore lost function.
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