Day 1 - after implant.

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Re: Day 1 - after implant.

Postby Juerhareb » Thu Oct 27, 2022 6:52 am

Bulgeboy wrote:Hi,

I would like to say thank you to you guys. I am a 41-year young gay men. I started to have erection problems when I was 32 years old. Over 9 years, I tried many therapies (testosterone replacement therapy due to hypogonadism, daily tadalafil, shockwave, vacuum pump), to cope with the ED. Lately, despite high libido, no erection. Last year, I was diagnosed with vasculogenic ED in the ultrasound examination. I tried the shockwave therapy. It helped me to respond to pde5i, but my case was already very bad from the beginning on - lately no erection, despite 10 MG tadalafil diary, all efforts and sports routine.

After reading many posts, I decided to move on to a permanent solution - an implant. Yesterday, it was the great day. I was very anxious. Fortunately, everything went well. So far, I have not experienced much pain. I feel a discomfort where the reservoir is located. It is like a muscle ache. No pain in the penis or scrotum. Today, I went to my surgery to remove the drain and catheter - this bit was painful.


Now the implant is inflated to 40 %. It feels firmer than the erection I used to have in the last months. I am thankful to Dr Giulio Garaffa (International Andrology London). He and his great team did a great job from the beginning to the end. Outstanding! I got an AMS 700 LGX - 21.5 cm in total.

I thought that it would be a much more painful and aggressive procedure. I must mention that I had had two penis enlargement operations in the last two years. The first, a ligamentolysis plus fat transfer, the second a top up in the fat transfer. It has become a girthy fat penis (18 cm girth in the flaccid state).

Compared to the last two procedures, I am happily surprised that the penile implant has been much much less painful. I hope that my penis be back in function after the recovery time. So far, I must say that I am 100% happy. Of course, this is not a cosmetic surgery as the previous ones were.

I am looking forward to learning how to inflate and deinflate the implant.

Hopefully, with a routine of pump cycling, I will not get any length loss.

Once again, thanks for sharing your stories. It inspired me to go for the implant!

Please feel free to share your insight with me.

I will keep you posted. :)

Kind regards,


Was your glans in the past so thin in comparison with the body of the pelis? Or is it because of the implant?
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