Posting in this forum is just for young members (under 40).
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Postby Rawness1111 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:14 pm

Aye, are there any young men out there who have been living with ed for some year now that know and understand what's happening to our bodies. Been through dating, pills etc that I cant talk to. I'm just starting my journey and frankstalk has been helpful but to actually hear personally from ones experiences especially someone whom has been implanted young would be so helpful. If you've been married before even better. Just want to Speak to someone of whom I can relate.
32 yrs old. Newly developed ed with divorce and searching for solutions.

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Re: Talk

Postby ImplantMan » Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:13 am

I’m not young but I’ve had ED for about 25 yrs so I can relate. I was married when I was diagnosed with MS. My dick had been limp already for several one degree or another, when I was diagnosed it took a little while but started talking to my urologist and she prescribed a VED. We thought it was great, I got nice big full hard-on’s But after a year or so I changed my mind and was tired of having dusky blue and cold hard-on’s, I was apprehensive about telling my wife cause she liked getting fucked by a bigger than normal dick. When I told her she said “oh thank god, it felt like I was fucking a cadaver” so I went through pills, urethral suppositories, topical and herbal and a few other things, some kinda worked but not very well, I started doing shots which worked for a number of years but it still had a failure rate, at around 40 I decided to be implanted, it was great, dick like I was 18 again, nice big full cock again. When I got divorced I kinda went a little crazy I started hanging out with a stripper and she could not get enough cock, we were swingers and...well...if interested I’ll tell you stories of the kinda things I did. Anyway I’m proud I got my Robo-cock. I love talking about it and I’m not shy at all, any questions you have, visual aids anything, it got pretty wild and it’s fond memories. Ask ask away

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Re: Talk

Postby Hunchback » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:17 pm

I've had ED all my life. I am 35 now...
You can ask whatever you want, here or in PM.
35 years old, married. ED all my life because of spinal cord injury caused by a tumor in early infant age. Using standard EDEX20 for ~ 15 years.

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