My ED story

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My ED story

Postby Lunatech » Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:27 pm

I thought I would post my ED story here to let the younger guys know they are not alone. While I'm almost 50 (will turn 49 this summer) my ED started in my 30's. I'm posting this because another member asked me what caused my ED so early on. Well I'm no author but below is my story. I hope this helps someone out there.

Let me preface the next paragraph with this. In the middle of all this my wife (a nurse practitioner) heard a heart murmur one night while she had her head on my chest as we were watching a movie on TV. That lead to me being diagnosed with a mild case of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and being put on a beta blocker twice a day (metoprolol) which doesn't help ED at all. Not sure if the cardiac problem is what lead to my ED or not. I know it doesn't help.

My ED started coming on slowly in my early to mid 30's. One day I just went soft while making love to my wife. Wrote it off and everything worked the next few times till it happened again and again and again. Really started messing with my head it was happening so much. I started questioning myself every time we started messing around and the soft/no erections got worse. Finally started using constriction rings only and that worked for a while then that started failing (making me feel more like a failure). Moved to Viagra and while it worked it gave me flu like symptoms most of the time (but not till afterwards). So I dealt with that byproduct until they stopped working somewhat reliably. Tired Cialis and that did absolutely nothing. Got a pump at the local Adam and Eve store and used it with the constriction ring and was back in business again. Heard about Carolina Men's Clinic in Mooresville NC on the radio so I went to them to see if they could help (mid 40's by now). Trimix worked in the office so I was sent home with that. Shots never bothered me and the erection was like one from my 20's and I thought I'd hit the jackpot UNTIL after a few times of using it I started hurting towards the end. That progressed to throbbing and aching in my penis (almost brought tears and couldn't go to sleep for hours). Several modifications to the mix later and no better so I stopped injecting and went back to the pump/ring. That worked again but wasn't the best (pumping while foreplay is a PITA) but we again incorporated it and tried to make it fun (my wife it the best). Now the pump/ring only works MAYBE 50% of the time if I'm lucky, the rest of the time I'd go so soft after removing the pump I couldn't penetrate. I've been on testosterone on and off over the years as I've had low T for years. It usually didn't play well with my cardiac condition (thickened my blood too much) but am back on it now and it doesn't seem to be affecting me in the same way (but had FINALLY increased my libido). The urologist at Baptist in Winston Salem NC that put me back on testosterone is the one I originally told about my ED and all I've tried. He told me about the implant and referred me to Dr. Terlecki at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston Salem. After several meetings and A LOT of research I'm scheduled for an implant on 2/28. As far as a cause I'm guessing the cardiac issue I have may be the root cause and the medication I'm taking now does worsen the symptoms of ED. I can't quit taking that so an implant it my last option.

I've fought ED for well over 10 years. I fully understand the mental aspect it hits you with. Try being in your early 30's with a wife 8 years younger than you with a massive sex drive (she still has it BTW!!). I'm one of the lucky one's as she's been by my side every step of the way but it's not been easy on her either. She has suffered thinking she was not pretty enough or good enough to give me an erection. This just made me feel worse and worse because my wife is actually a hottie and an incredible lover. It just felt like it was all snowballing out of control till I FINALLY just accepted ED was robbing me of that time with my wife. I finally convinced her it WAS me and I AM going to fix it. She realized how serious I was when I started giving myself Trimix shots. She was really floored that I wanted to get an implant. I told her it was more for me than her (but she would defiantly benefit from it also). This would finally give me my confidence back. Am I at least a little scared about the surgery? YES! Will it be worth it in the end? I think so.

Well I guess I'm done rambling on. I hope this at least helps someone out there realize they are not alone in this journey and it happens to young guys also.
49 years old, Suffering from ED 10+ years, Implant surgery scheduled 2/28/19 AMS 700 LGX

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