Guys 50 y/o or less. How are your nocturnal elections?

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Guys 50 y/o or less. How are your nocturnal elections?

Postby FMLFML85 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:25 pm

I’m looking to hear from guys 50 years old or younger how their nocturnal erections are when they are not injecting or taking pills. Let’s say a 70% erection would be the minimum needed to penatrate. I do get nocturnal erections that I would say are at max 80% of a hard engorged full erection but they go flaccid within 20 seconds of waking up. Do any of you guys get nocturnal erections, how often, how is the erection quality, how long does it persist when you wake up? I am still unsure of the nature of my ED and am looking into the idea that my brain is chemically imbalanced and my neuro transmitters can’t send the signals across the blood barrier of my brain to my penis to make a erection. I could also be suffering from depression, chronic anxiety, and possibly a dopamine/ dopamine receptor problem. I am considering taking a trip to the UK and trying to get prescribed Uprima (it works increasing dopamine). Again anyone 50 and under please describe your nocturnal erections to me and any thoughts you have on this post.
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Re: Guys 50 y/o or less. How are your nocturnal elections?

Postby Aemill » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:59 pm

Hi, I am 23. I take 2,5 mg Cialis daily. I do not have morning or nocturnal erections. I suffer from moderate venous leakage. I used to be ok until I turned 18, morning erections every day. I tried Wellbutrin which is antidepressant not affecting libido by stimulating dopamine receptors instead of serotonin receptors. I did not see any change in my case. Hope it helps you :)
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Re: Guys 50 y/o or less. How are your nocturnal elections?

Postby newtoed » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:30 am

Although I’m 54 I’d like to give some insight. My ED started at 43 for no appertains reason basically overnight after divorce. Pills worked for about 5 years then I had rectal cancer treatment and they stopped working. Ok have been using Trimix injections for 2 years with great success.

Lately I have rock hard nocturnal erections but never in the morning. If I wake up enough and try to masturbate it goes away in a couple of minutes and won’t come back. Late at night I can stimulate myself to about 80% but when I try to masturbate it goes away again. Weird and pills don’t work at all.

Since I only use 3 units of Trimix (a small drop) that keeps me rock hard for 3 hours and I get these nocturnal (unconscious) erections I suspect some mental block which surprises me because otherwise I’m a super confident guy with women. Who knows. I just keep using the injections until they stop working and then I get an implant.

All the best.
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