ED at 27 due to Extender and Pump damage-loss of sensation

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ED at 27 due to Extender and Pump damage-loss of sensation

Postby meeshafee » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:21 pm

About 3.5 years ago when I was self conscious about size of my penis I started looking into ways to increase size of my penis. Never long term but I tried penis water pump and extenders. A few times that I used the penis extenders the ring may have been very tightly packed around my penis while I was using it and due to the over stretch it caused and tightness i lost circulation to my penis tip to a point the tip went numb and cold for a few minutes. I didn't quite take a rest or go visit a urologist. After that I started noticing my errections are much weaker and sensitivity is gone down significantly. Besides that I also became very self conscious and psychologically worried which may have made ED worst. I didnt have problems getting an erection but maintaining one was more difficult and my erections softer. Experience ED 3/4 times I had sex during that period (only during full intercourse and I was able to ejaculate by hand of my partner). I stopped having sex, after 3-4 years and it has improved when i masterbate the quality of the erection is better and I'm able to keep the erection but the sensitivity isnt back. Also my climaxes are weaker and they dont feel as good. In the last year that I have masterbated I havent had issues maintaining an erection with constant arousal and hand movement. Im worried having sex I will begin to lose the erection fast. I have dark skin marks under the skin at my penis tip that is not going away. Is this due to dead cells, or collagen build up thats affecting the sensitivity? I got a topical cream from urologist that I used and helped with sensitivity and marks went away for a bit but returned. The very front tip that doesnt show those marks doesnt have it. Have I done irreversible damage? Is there any treatments as I now am hoping to become sexually active? Many of my problems are from using the extenders and penis pump aggressively eventhough it was short usage of once or twice.

My main concern is possibly 3-4 years ago when I had cut circulation to the penis I have caused dead cells or secondary fibrosis, as I notice the penis is smaller slightly and less full as well. I used to have more issues having an erection previously, recently as of last years maintaining it is a lot better, but unfortunately, the sensitivity on the tip isn't there. I have taken viagra as well, it works but the side effects bother me. Please let me know of my option as this is a great source of stress for me as I am planning to get married or considering it.

I saw two urologists in houston, one had an ultrasound on my penis (there wasn't enough time for full doppler test) and we used Trimix injection 0.15cc (which worked well and had errection for 2 hours), and he said that from the ultrasound results the blood inflow and outflow looks good (results were -37 cm/s max and -3.7), he recommended a topical cream for 10 days and gave me 110mg sildenafil. He said the blood flow is good and 5/6 things are good (possibly pinching of the nerve endings and sensitivy but he said internal structure and blood flow is good, my results were and maybe some pinching of the nerves and sensitivity loss and that many of it may be because of anxiety and another urologist said that it may have healed itself to some point but I didnt get a firm answer from any of them.

Knowing your guys experience:

Anyone else young and with this problem???
- will it get worst over time?
- secondary fibrosis?
- will it VERY much affect sex life?
- will ED meds work indefinitely & risks? Can I rely on them and enter into a marriage?
- At such a young age will I build up tolerance to ED medication? Should I reduce dosage to 50 mg, then 110mg, then possibly injections down the road? How will my body behave long term on it, will I build tolerance and stop working? Is this a feasible option for me?
Any help incredibly appreciated.
27 yo (Canada) ED due to over use of extender and water pump (sensation loss and tissue damage). Single, ultrasound showed no VL, Viagra works but side effects very strong. Sensation losses due to nerves ending pinch. Considering options before marriage.

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Re: ED at 27 due to Extender and Pump damage-loss of sensation

Postby ED2013 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:58 pm

If I were you I’d use pills. Yes it would be good to try a half dose of viagra and see how you like it. You could also try cialis and levitra.
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