WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

A very new area of interest is penile physical therapy. From exercises to stretching to vibrational therapy, it's all new and still being studied. This is where we can share techniques, exercises and successes.
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Re: WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

Postby Savoie » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:53 pm

If you have no common sense - don't jelq, don't pump, don't drive a car and stay away from me... ain't nobody got time for that.

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Re: WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

Postby handfulWES » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:11 pm

I have limited experience in this area BUT - in talking with a few doctors over the years this is just junk science. I have suffered with ED and YES I have tried pumps and PE techniques. I was faithful in what I did but the end result is the same, less than satisfying.

Guys, you can't stretch your tool and make it bigger. In the end it is still the same size. I can't say that playing with a pump and getting off wasn't fun IT WAS FUN. Looking at your cock inside that tube is impressive. You clamp a ring on your dick and jump in to use it I found my orgasm and ejaculation were not all that great.

NOW THE HARD COLD FACTS: Forget about size. I fucking swear if you have 4 or more inches YOU have ample tool for fun. IF you are way over weight, a huge beer gut belly and so damn out of shape it would take 12 inches or more of dick to have fun. I know I will get some flack on this post but I am giving you the hard cold facts. On this same note if your other half is in the same condition you might need a dick that was 2 feet in length to accomplish the job. I know I have blown this out a bit but I want to make a point.

My first 2 implants left me feeling like I had a pencil dick. I LOST just over 2 inches and my girth felt like one of those pencils that 1st graders use. I got past that and made my mind up that I would use what I had. YOU KNOW WHAT my implant worked every time all the time. I also learned that it isn't all about size. Now with my last revision, which I now have a Coloplast implant, I am back to my normal size and girth and that is fun also.

Over the years, I had gained weight way to much weight. I was just over 300 pounds. Sex became more and more difficult even with 8 inches. I am a Vietnam vet and in July of 2017 something happen that triggered a major flash back and I hit the bottom of the barrel. I could hardly pull myself out of bed and thus I started to loose weight even though I was eating. I am a big guy. I am 6' 2" with big broad shoulders, in fact my shoulders are so wide they make the rest of me look skinny. I have very strong arms and hands from years and years of playing the piano for hours on end. I have lost 57 pounds and damn sex is so good and my junk looks even bigger than it is.

Don't kill me for my thoughts, I don't know of any man who has tried this and it worked. From the medical field and talking with doctors who actually know, this is mostly junk science.

68, single, have had an implant since I was 42. Goals: to help men with ED; help men over come years of failure; to know their bodies; have a richer fuller sex life whether they or straight, Bi or gay. last I traveled this road starting in the late 60's

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Re: WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

Postby dtwarren1942 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:27 pm

Junk science or not, my erect length and girth have increased permanently by .9” and 1.1”, respectively as a result. I also use a VED to have satisfactory sex. Better now than prior to PE exercises.
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Re: WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

Postby Tourist100 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:10 am

Frank Talk Admin wrote:Gentlemen,
Please avoid making diagnoses on this board. Please be civil, kind, and well-mannered. Above all be respectful. You are all free to express your opinions and I invite you to do so. But there may be no accusations of anything, anyone, at any time. I am not taking anyone's side in this debate. Just please keep the tone of the highest level of respect at all times.
Thank you


To be fair, the original poster is correct. P/E exercises are dangerous, indeed very dangerous, as are many things, if not done correctly. What I really love and admire about this board is that if one reads enough posts, certain concepts continue to reoccur, such as start slow, do not push limits, stop upon feeling pain, etc. Based upon the plethora of posts on this board from people who have safely achieved the results they sought, it is unquestionable that P/E can also be done safely.

Operating a table saw is dangerous as hell, and one can cut off their entire hand. However, if done correctly, table saws are really cool and produce awesome results. I take no issue with the original poster. His is simply another post that should be considered along with all of the rest, because after all, P/E IS dangerous if not done properly. The OP probably could have perhaps improved upon his post had he qualified his warning a little (e.g., changing "is dangerous" to "can be dangerous"), but we understand that we all do not write for a living, and should all take in the information from his post along with all of the other posts.

When you go under anesthesia for an implant or any type of surgery, you sign away that you know full and well that the anesthesia may kill you, and the doctor has you acknowledge in writing that you understand a certain amount of people who undergo anesthesia DIE. Do you, or would you, give the doctor a hard time about that? No. For the same reason, give the OP quarter. He meant well, even though in a perfect world, he may have considered framing his well meant warning differently.

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Re: WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

Postby LewisNews » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:28 am

Why do we attach a lot importance to penis size?

Both most gauged body organs of man’s body throughout history have been the nose and the phallus. The nose, positioned right in the center of the face, is the first point that attracts attention in a face, but what is the factor for consuming over the length of the penis when it is not in sight since it is hidden amongst the garments?

Considering that time immemorial man has actually covered his nakedness, initially the purpose of doing so has been to shield us from the chilly, however additionally to shield us from exterior hazards. The human skin seems to have developed to really feel and view pleasant sensations such as caresses or hugs, thousands of nerve endings have actually supplied this capacity of our skin. If we compare ourselves with various other pets with exoskeletons, or covered with a thick fur our body is defenseless against any kind of aggressiveness whether climatic or by another living being. This is the primary reason we avoid nudity, and also yet we are concerned regarding the dimension of the male arm or leg, it will certainly interest try to find the description and we will try to find it by immersing ourselves in various self-controls such as anthropology, physiology, biology, ethology, sociology and also psychology. All these branches of understanding can supply an intriguing vision as well as maybe we will find an usual nexus and also a cause-consequence that will address our inquiry.

We can quit at one of the most important animal impulses, the reproduction or survival of the types, this reaction would establish the behavior of the first hominids.

Based upon the self-control of ethology, we discovered an intriguing study of the American Ornithological Society Journals https://academic.oup.com/aosjournals/?code=coop-site shows that sexual competition in between ducks figures out the dimension of their penis, the research study exposes that the size as well as morphology of the genitals of ducks modifications according to their social setting. In the published write-up it is deduced that the men that endure a wonderful competition have a tendency to establish larger phalluses of size than those of the men that stay in a much less affordable setting, this replies to a clear calculated prior to the trouble that intends to need to contend between great quantity of men to copulate with the very same woman.

If we research the anatomy of the human penis, we observe how two bodies are plainly distinguished, the shaft of the penis as well as the glans. The lump of the glans and also the perpendicular arrangement of the crown of the same is a quality of the male. According to a research study by Gordon G. Gallup, Jr. “Sperm Displacement as a Sperm Competitors Strategy in People” https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/1 ... 0400200105 argue that the human penis has actually developed by doing this to displace the semen of opponents in sperm competition. Assessing the study, it can be observed that the anatomy of the human penis has actually evolved to be presented right into the woman’s vaginal area as well as, throughout sexual intercourse, the mission of the glans would be drawn out from the vaginal area the seminal fluid of another male if there was one, leaving the entryway of the womb free to later on inseminate the woman with her very own sperm.

People have gone from being a nomadic and seeker team to advertising stable negotiations with collection of plants to guarantee food for their population. Some anthropological research studies indicate that in many Amazonian Indian tribes it is assumed that a lady requires to obtain semen from various males in order to become pregnant. Ladies would look for to have relationships with numerous men to make sure that their child can acquire the best of each: the very best hunter, the strongest. The research is: Evolutionary history of partible paternity in lowland South America. https://www.pnas.org/content/107/45/19195.

According to the evolutionary anthropologist Package Opie of the University of London “our forefathers, the first primates would certainly be solitary males that favored to stay in seclusion, uniting only for mating”. Homo sapiens evolved, came to be gregarious developing tiny negotiations, produced societies as well as enhanced monogamy, however the phylogenetic vestige of the value of penis size in guy continued to be.

At the start of the first human beings of western society, a matriarchy spread over the majority of the Mediterranean. With the invasions of the peoples of the sea they brought the patriarchy, weding the masculine gods with the old sirens, relegating them to a 2nd location. Where the ancient goddesses of fertility are worshiped in the matriarchy with established second sex-related features with huge busts and also hips commending the enchanting power of females in recreation. With the victory of the patriarchy, the importance of the symbol of penis.

Sociologists, psychoanalysts and psychologists have collected this deep rate of interest in the phallus of man in multiple researches.

Freud the papa of psychoanalysis states in the concept of psychosexual development that during the phallic stage of the kid remains in the location of the urethra where his libidinal factor resides. The concept suggests that the phallus becomes a major priority rate of interest for both sexes, connecting essential events in psychosexual development. These realities are later on reflected in the Freudian concept of the Oedipus facility, where the child develops his initial sex-related impulses in the direction of his mommy. The girl understands that she does not have a penis to have a heterosexual partnership with her mother and after that desires it, this is described as the envy of the penis. As a result, a sexual desire towards his dad is promoted.

Ultimately from behavioral psychology framed with the recognition of ecological variables that communicate with male as well as create an action. For several years, sociologists have been asking the question: “Does size matter? On the net we can discover research studies of affirm and also refute, yet it holds true that sociological researches may be biased by the writer to turn the balance away or the other. Consequently we abandon sociological study to concentrate on Psychology.

Numerous research studies show that the visualization of a large penis affects the sex-related reaction of the sexual partner. If we make use of the language of behavior psycho therapists, an unconditioned stimulation (Ei) would certainly produce an unconditioned physiological action (Ri), the greater that stimulus (larger penis), the greater the probability of a better response (more need). Subsequently, brand-new stimuli that would originally be neutral would certainly be related to that response, for example a muscle body, riches or power would certainly come to be a conditioned stimulus (Ed) that would certainly additionally prompt a feedback of sexual desire, this moment differential for being of different stimuli (Rd).

The male affiliates power, loan or having a fantastic failure to obtain wish answers in the woman, after that happens running habits and also will enhance all these characteristics connected with profit and success. Similarly if we buy a suit as well as many people flatter us (social reinforcement) will enhance the chance that we placed on that fit once again to be reinforced.

We stay in large metropolitan centers where we need to constantly compete with our next-door neighbors to achieve our objectives. There is a continuous contrast, as well as equally as the men battle to reach mate, in some cases the men compare with each other. This is the case of the locker area disorder, https://www.andro-medical.com/penis-enl ... t/studies/ coined for the very first time by the psycho therapist Fernando Molina-Campuzano, the man contrasts the member size of others with his very own. Because contrast we find reaffirmation if the dimension is above the ordinary or also a feeling of complexity if you see that the size is smaller.

Suffering complex from having a small penis or micropenis can lead to maladaptation, insecurity and evasion actions in which nakedness can be shown. It can create anxiety and in many cases anxiety in the person.

Nowadays, science has actually been able to use a treatment to solve this scenario. In 1996 Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardogomezdediego/ designed a grip device, called Andropenis, which makes permanent penis growth feasible. This method was called penile traction treatment (PTT). Countless clinical studies verified this innovation, such as the one accomplished at the College of Turin by the urologist Dr. Gontero https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epd ... 08.08083.x. The clinical indicators of penile grip treatment are used in even more therapies, such as Peyronie’s illness that thanks to the traction tool manages to deal with penile curvatures and brings back the lost size https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs ... /jsm.12400

If we integrate the different techniques of expertise and also their particular research studies, we can approach in a broad way the concern asked at the beginning, there would not be a single reason however the sum of several reasons that would explain the significance that human beings give to the size of the penis. The genetics we bring, the social as well as cultural impact, the biological as well as emotional aspects play a vital function in responding to why penis size is essential.

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Re: WARNING!!! P/E Exercises Are Dangerous! WARNING!!!

Postby David_R » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:38 am

It takes a certain amount of maturity to be able to say, "To hell with concern over dick size!" (And no, mine is not longer than average.)

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