Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

A very new area of interest is penile physical therapy. From exercises to stretching to vibrational therapy, it's all new and still being studied. This is where we can share techniques, exercises and successes.
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Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

Postby jn1421 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:33 am

The Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device (TPD):
Made from the same high strength polymer composite that the Malehanger device is made from, the Penis Clamp/TPD is built to last for as long as you want to increase your penis girth. Malehanger himself says: “it's damn near "bullet proof" in comparison to any other girth device. Also, unlike with Cable Clamps, you can "dial in" your tightness in very small increments.” I found this to be exactly as he claims; with Cable Clamps you are limited to the set increments of each clip and therefore cannot tighten or loosen to your specific comfort zone. The Penis Clamp/TPD's top wing-nut is very fluid with it's tightening capabilities and sensitive to the slightest adjustment. To me, this is a major concern; I own a thicker than average woo woo and do not require very much wrap (if any at all), so this one feature is paramount for me to fit properly without getting pinched.

Outer appearance:
It ain't pretty and it's a bit bulky, however, the lumpy/bumpyness does not detract from the design or functionality intended. It looks very much like a shallow version of the malehanger device. Shiny, black, with top wing-nut and bottom hinge for easy placement and removal.

Inner Design:
The Penis Clamp/TPD's unique, oval, egg shape has smooth inner walls with a 'flat' bottom. It appears that Malehanger was very conscious of the dorsal vein as well as comfortable support for the corpus spongiosum. Also, the width is close to 1.5 inches which allows for more attachement site support. A single Cable Clamp is only .5 which is plenty, but eventually, most clampers end up with two or more clamps stacked on top of each other, wanting more base support for advanced pressure(s). The Penis Clamp/TPD design provides that with ease.

Functionality is spot on!
I highly recommend this clamping device for any future or veteran clamper; you will be pleased! Overall, I give it my personal rating of 9 of a possible 10 only because of appearance. I suspect, in time, Malehanger will eventually slim down the outer thickness into a sleek looking tool that fits perfectly into our bag of PE devices.

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Re: Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

Postby malehanger » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:19 am

Hey Dave, thanks for sharing about the Penis Clamp here. It really is a great tool that turned out much better than I hoped. It's like an adjustable cock ring "on steroids" to use the worn out cliche.


Here's an introduction video. Yes, they are $35 now.

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Re: Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

Postby malehanger » Sun May 05, 2013 6:44 pm

Here are some more pictures by the way for better overall visual.
This shows the Penis Clamp next to a "Cable Clamp" which some men use in a similar fashion. Note the much superior build and quality.
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Re: Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

Postby dtwarren1942 » Fri May 10, 2013 10:21 pm

Not sure a penis clamp has a positive or negative effect on ED, but I would guess that its chances of aggravating ED are greater than improving it. However, I am open to hearing evidence to the contrary.

I have used a $1.29 cable clamp over a $6, 1" wide silicone cock ring which seemed to have some positive effect on my base girth over time but I noticed no improvement in my ED.

On the other hand, I have used specially targeted pumping routines and jelqing routines which did have some, although slight, positive effect on my ED.
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Re: Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

Postby jn1421 » Sun May 19, 2013 8:09 pm

Try hanging, I hang on weekdays and clamp on weekends. I get best results from hanging/stretching. However, clamping with this TPD is really a great girth exercise too. My motivation to do both is to regenerate new tissue from the inside out; hangers and clamps such as these devices that malehanger produces, are wonderful aids to get the job done hands free.

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Re: Penis Clamp/Thicker Penis Device

Postby jn1421 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:56 pm

Update on Thicker Penis Device (TPD) 2013.


The device has been improved, also the name has been changed. Now it is called 'New Size
Device' (NSD). The original TPD was hand made, black and a bit bulky. The NSD is computer
engineered, white in color, light weight (3oz) and sleek. The shape is similar but
perfected with computer accuracy. It still has the top bolt w/wing nut so you can
smoothly personalize desired tightness, and bottom hinge for easy placement/removal. It
does not appear to be a penis clamping device at all. It is discreet looking and easy to
conceal. While traveling, one could use it as a clamp to hold electrical cords/cables
without need to explain anything.

The TPD interior walls had a flat bottom which I really enjoyed; it functioned as a shelf
to support my spongiosum, enhancing pressure build up. However, the NSD does not have the
flat inner shelf, it's inner contour design is oval, like our natural penis shape. I
didn't think it would provide the spongiosum pressure I was used to but it actually feels
better. The new shape distinctive provides a more natural feel...very comfortable.

If anyone is interested in the visual comparative differences between the TPD/NSD look here: or here Also, there is a new site dedicated to the NSD with detailed written guide and 'how to' videos found here:

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