PF therapy session #8

A very new area of interest is penile physical therapy. From exercises to stretching to vibrational therapy, it's all new and still being studied. This is where we can share techniques, exercises and successes.
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PF therapy session #8

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Wed Feb 23, 2022 2:49 pm

Male Pelvic Floor therapy session #8

Started off with 6-min on Bike.
Then about 30-min of Stretching & Exercises.

Then into the Private Room.
Went over my 24-hr Bladder Log to see if there’s improvement on me getting up 3-4 Times a Night To Pee.. Therapy & exercises plus Walking at Home everyday has me Down to 1-2 Times a Night To Pee. Which is better..
Went over how everything has been going as Far as Pelvic Floor pain or Pain with Sex. Told Her a little better Except the Stinging pain From intense Orgasm Friday when the Wife and i had Anal Sex for First Time in 23 years of marriage.
Told her wife wanted to give it a Try because Pain from PIV sex after menopause. Told her other then the Pain i had During Orgasm it was the Best Sex we have had in probably 15 years..
Said she wanted to do another Biofeedback Test to check numbers..
I just Ordered a intimate Rose pelvic wand off Amazon so I could Do some Internal Trigger Point massage at Home. I brought it with me to therapy to show her , to Ask her to explain the Correct way to use it at Home. She spent 15-min explaining the How to points..

And said we will leave the room real quick getting dressed and will get the biofeedback test going.
As usual I took everything off from the waist down, got up on table and covered myself With the sheet. Two minutes later they both came in. She asked if it’s ok if The other therapist sits in on the session for more training of course I said yes..
Same as all the other biofeedback session has me bend my knees then grabs the sheet pulling it up and over and down on my lap. Then proceeded to put the first sensor on my left hip. then puts Second sensor on the left side of my perineum, and the third sensor on the right side of my perineum.. Has Me lay my legs straight down He was a couple deep breaths text to meet her to see how relaxed my pelvic floor gets. And has me bend my knees and checked it again . Meters reading a little better than before. Has me roll on my Right side And does some pressure/trigger point checks to muscles just to the right of my Anus. Definitely some sore spots. As we roll over on my left side, And checks the same muscle/spot yes to the left of my anus, pretty sore there too..

Tells me to Roll on my back again on my and bend Knees again. She says I’m gonna take the sensors off now.
And she said since you’re gonna to be doing trigger point therapy at home with the Wand, Is it ok if she Does and internal exam to see where you’re at ? I Said of course I’m fine with it. She said Now I want to ask you kind of personal question ? Have you ever done or do any kind of butt play during sex or any Toys ? I said of course every once in a while but just a Finger, never any Toys .
She said well good then you’ll know what to expect.
She had me roll over on my right side and of course I’m face-to-face a Foot away from the other therapist sitting in a chair next to
Then she explains what she’s gonna do. I said OK. She again if you don’t mind I’m now going to Put Lube on my Finger and insert my Finger now. And of course the sarcastic comedian i am i said to to answer your question Hopefully you’re not to open hardware, no I don’t
Of course she said as she giggled a little, yeah that’s a little odd.
She then pulled the sheet up an off my Butt laying it on Front side of my Hip. So from the Middle of my back to the back of my knees was pretty much Exposed to her Now . She said here we Go and with her Right hand Holding my Left Hip she takes the lubed middle finger on her left hand and kinda Lubes up across my Anus an slowly push’s it in . I think she was Expecting some type of Reaction from me, but didn’t get one. It actually Felt pretty Darn Good but I didn’t show it at all until she went slowly knuckles Deep right into my Prostate, then she definitely noticed my reaction.
She started moving in and out all along my pelvic Clock checking for Pressure/Sore or tight spots. She found about three or four really sore spots.
And did some pressure hold triggerpoints on the inside base of penis muscles which were in the 9 -11 and 1- 3 area because those were sore and pretty tight. It’s been about 3 to 5 minutes no I need side doing some trigger point pressure and I could feel both sides releasing tension. When she was done I explained I’ve got more out of that 10 minutes of internal trigger point pressure work then in the first eight sessions with external massage/trigger point and exercises. She said that’s great we’ll have to start doing that at least once a week. But she told me not to start any at home internal therapy for a couple days to give my muscles a chance to heal up a little so they wouldn’t be so sore. She said everything is looking good she said or I will leave the room so you can go ahead and get dressed and we’ll set up an appointment again for Friday. I got dressed she came back and we had another 10 minute chat and had me add another exercise to my my at home exercise schedule made my appointment for this Friday at 11 AM. All in all I thought it was a pretty good session finally got the internal exam that I’ve been waiting For since first evaluation Visit.
And guess what I can definitely feel a difference in my pelvic floor loosening up even four hours after my therapy session..
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Re: PF therapy session #8

Postby vajim1 » Thu Feb 24, 2022 8:12 am

Which wand did you buy?
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Re: PF therapy session #8

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Thu Feb 24, 2022 3:05 pm

vajim1 wrote:Which wand did you buy?

Just the Non Vibrating intimate Rose off Amazon.
My Therapist said it’s the same one she has at Home..
53 Type 1 diabetic For last 25yrs. Married 23 years.
ED last 10 years, BPH, hypertension.. L 6.0” x G 5.25”
Trimix 22.5/0.83/8.3

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Re: PF therapy session #8

Postby Holzwurst » Wed Apr 19, 2023 8:16 pm

I'm new here and very much at the beginning of my journey having just had surgery 3 weeks ago. So I've also just discovered this site a few days ago, and I've been reading through the posts. This post in particular has me curious! It nearly reads like a Penthouse forum article. I didn't even know that was legal! Okay I get it, it's medical. But is this pretty much typical for PT experiences?

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