My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

A very new area of interest is penile physical therapy. From exercises to stretching to vibrational therapy, it's all new and still being studied. This is where we can share techniques, exercises and successes.
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My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Thu Feb 03, 2022 11:23 am

My PF Therapy
Well first appointment was pretty
We Went over medical history & Issues im having and she showed me a Few exercises for my Hip/Groin & Sciatica back pain. So will be a couple visits till we get to the pelvic floor exam & Therapy .. plus she asked if i was ok having another young Female therapist sit in/Help with my Sessions. She Training her to do Male pelvic Floor Therapy.
As if I didn’t have a little Axiety already that the Upcoming Intimate Exam is with an Attractive Young Asian Female
Now it’s a
Well I guess it could be a lot worse could be two old dudes with big hands..

Pelvic floor Therapy session #2

Got my 2nd MPF Therapy session Today at 1:30..
First session was just Medical History and show me some Exercises . No internal Exam or internal work For probably a couple Sessions.
Not Sure yet If Today will be one on one Therapy or a Threesome with both Therapists.
I’ve been doing the Exercises/Homework and Started back on the Home Treadmill 15-minutes Twice a Day. Going To ask today how will i know if I should be Doing Kegels or Reverse Kegels ? I assume until she Does the internal Exam she won’t know if my Pelvic Floor muscles are Tight or Weak..

Well 3rd session in the Books.
Started off asking how I was feeling I’ve been doing my exercises I told her yeah and then walking on the treadmill for 10 to 15 minutes a day twice a day little sore and tired. She started me off with 8-min on the bike, Then about 35-40 minutes and six different exercises and stretching. Then into a private room , were she explained she wants to get a little bio feedback information from my pelvic floor. Explains to me what she’s gonna do. Said she’ll leave the room for a minute while i get undressed from the waist down, lay on the table and cover up with a sheet. Couple minutes later she comes back and explains to me how the biofeedback device works tells me to bend my legs up so she can put Three sticky pad/sensors on.
One on left side of my abdomen. Then she pull sheet up and over lays it down on my hips on both sides. Then puts one Sensor on each side of my Perineum just about my Anus.
Then she has me lay my legs flat to get a baseline to see if my pelvic floor muscles are in a relaxed state. They were closed too relaxed laying Flat.
And she had me bend knees again And they were reading a little more i’m halfway up on the meter reading. Had me lay one leg straight what’s the other bent. Still fairly tight on the bent leg is on both..Then she had me lay my leg straight
And said she was gonna check The external muscles around the hips, Groin and pelvis.
So she starts massaging/needing pressure on my stomach and lower abdomen
Then across my left hip pelvis area. Then she checks the top of the pelvis/pubic bone , From my belly button to just at the top of my Penis shaft..
Slowly kneeds around and under my left Testicle down to the center of my perineum. Then she walks around the table to the right side and starts doing the same on that Side. As soon as she got to the inside Hip pelvis area that’s where my Penis way laying at the moment. When she politely said we’re gonna have to move this guy over so she picked it up and moved it over to the left. Then she Finished the same way as the other side.Of course by then i was partially Erect. I could not help it. Tells me to bend my legs again, Then Walks back around to the left side and remove the sensor from my abdomen. And then she pulls the sheet back over my knees laying it down on Groin Area . Then walks almost to Foot of Table Grabs The Sheet between my legs and lifts it up with her right hand With her left hand She reaches up and slowly peels of the Left sensor off my perineum.
And she walked around to the right side of the table and does the same thing with right side
Sensor. And she told me to lay my leg back straight, thank you poster blanket down back over covering my legs. She leaves the room for a minute and tells me to get dressed and open the door im done. Opened the door she comes back in asking about my frequent urination issues. Tell her I’m still getting up to three times a night to pee. Then she asked me if Had Sex since Last Visit. I told her yes Saturday night with the wife. I had already mentioned the urologist put me on Trimix injections for ED/erection issues. She asked me if there is any pain or discomfort with Sex or ejaculation. I told her the sex part No other then a little Sore after about 45-minutes. And just a minor pain
After ejaculating the first time.
But not after the second Time..
She did give me kind of a funny curious
But I explained to her as PG as possible the Trimix me like im 19 again but can last longer now. She said well that’s Good I assume your wife is happy about it. I told her yes and no.
Because my wife suffers from RA so we don’t get to be intimate as much as I would like And our Sexual Positions are limited by her RA pain in certain positions.
I didn’t go into very much detail. She diggs through her folder of paperwork and hands me a paper that has Different Diagrams/explanations of 15 Sexual positions. Called “Orthopedic Considerations for Sexual Activity.
She says read over these and see what works for you both. I Said thank you the scheduled me for an appointment on Friday at 11am. She said to plan on probably doing the internal rectal pelvic Floor exam Then..
A little Tired and Sore but pleased overall with this Session..
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Fri Feb 04, 2022 4:59 pm

PF therapy session #4

PF Therapy Session # 4
Started as usual, 8-min on Bike
Then about 35-minutes of Stretching and Exercises, a couple new ones. She said time to go into a Room, then asked if i was ok if The other Therapist she is Training for Male PF sits in on the Session. I said of course I don’t mind. She Took me Back into the Private Room and told me to Get undressed again from Waist Down she wanted to do another PF Biofeedback Test.
She & the other Therapist leaves the room and i get undressed and under the sheet.
She comes in and explains she will be Repeating the Same Biofeedback Test we did Tuesday to see if any improvement in relaxing my PF muscles after a couple more days of Exercises.
The other Therapist pulls up a chair and sits next to my shoulder on Right side.
My Therapist starts by pulling up sheet to my bellybutton on the Left side to one sensor on my lower left Abdomen. Walks around Table to the Right side and has me bend my Knees & spread my legs apart a little bit .
Then pulls the sheet up over and lays it on my lap/Groin.
Takes the second Stick on Sensor and places it on the left side of my Perineum . Takes the Third sensor a place it on the Right side of my Perineum.
She Hands the Meter to the other Therapist and said to watch what she was doing and keep eye on meter. She says to Try and relax. I do my best.
She start on middle of my Right thigh feeling for any Tight sore spots working slowly down to my Groin/right side pubic bone.. then from Top of my Hip down to my Right butt check. Very Tender/Sore and Tense at inner hip pelvic area. Meter showed about a 4 off of Relaxed position. So she takes a few Fingers pushing on pressure points and holding there while having me pull my Knee/Thigh against Her other Hand. Then checking meter for tension release. Down to a 2.
While Holding light pressure on Right inner Pelvis.
She tells me take a deep Belly breath in and out then do a Kegel(penis Flex) i call it.
Had me Do that 3 Times to check Readings from low to high. Relaxed it was at a 2 with a Kegel squeeze it was up to 12 on meter. By this Point im Feeling an Erection starting.
She walk around to left side and Starts again. Starts checking middle of thigh , front to back fir Tight muscles/sore spots. A little tender/sore in a couple spots. Back to middle of thigh checking pressure points down Slowly Towards my Groin.
Since i was already Starting to get about a 50% erection. From Right side work , And my Penis was laying against my left Thigh in crease of my Hip/groin Area. she slowly moves down my inner thigh checking pressure points looking for sore tender muscles. Until her Fingers push against my Semi erect penis shaft. I was expecting her to move it to the Right side like she did Tuesday.
But instead she wiggled her Fingers Under the Shaft until reaching my inner Groin. So my Penis is pretty much laying on the Back of her hand now. Lots of Tender Tight muscles there. Couple deep relaxing breaths the meters reading a 5 in Relaxed position. She moved her fingers in a couple spots doing trigger point pressure 30-seconds to a minute in each Tight location. Buy now with my semi erect Penis laying on back of her hand for like 2-3 minutes im Trying to get my Erection under control. Not
She say take a couple deep breaths then relax and meter was reading a 2 relaxed.
She then says take a Deep Belly Breath in and Kegel/(Penis flex) when you exhale.
Im probably 80% hard Now laying on her hand still. I take the deep breath in then the exhale and Flex as hard as i can And Holding for 5-seconds. Which in turn pulls my Hard Erection Tight against the back of her Hand. Had me Repeat it Three Times. I can’t help but getting Harder each time. She then Slides her hand out from under my Penis . She Never mentioned anything at this point.Meter Ranged from 2 relaxed to 20 Flexing/Kegel.
She said it looks better, from last check.
She pulled the sheet up on left side and removed the sensor on my Side. Pulls the sheet back down . Walks around table on Right side towards end of table and grabs sheet between my Legs and pulls it up to me knees and reaches in and carefully removes the Second sensor on the left side Perineum, then the Third sensor on the Right side.
Says everything is progressing in a positive manner with the Exercises and walking on treadmill at home.
I asked if we will have to do Any Internal Work, she said Probably but wants to see how things improve for next 1-2 visit after more stretching/exercise. Then she Mentions she can Feel improvements because when i did the Kegels on the Left side (in her words) “I could feel your Penis shaft press hard against the back of my Hand so movement is slowly improving.. Good thing i was wearing a mask because i know my Face was Beat Red.. But she wants to wait till after my Urologist appointment next Tuesday. To see what the urologist has to say about possible Peyronies.
And let them know im Doing Pelvic Floor Therapy now.
It’s a little Odd doing a Visit like this Half naked with Two women in the Room. But i do feel little improvements every Visit. So to those Guys with ED/pelvic pain/urinary Issues just Suck it up and Go see a PF specialist..
Appointment #5 next Tuesday morning before my afternoon appointment at Urologist..
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Tue Feb 08, 2022 2:26 pm

Male PF Therapy Session #5

Intro: Below is 100% as it happened. Names have been changed to protect privacy, except me I’m

Session 5 started in the Private Room . The Therapist “Sherry”
Asked how my weekend Was? I had Told her Last Friday that it was our 23rd wedding anniversary on Saturday. And we planned to Try out my Trimix injection again either Sat or Sunday. Sherry then asked so how did it go? Any pain or soreness after ejaculation , I said not exactly.
She said well what do you mean? I explained well this time the Trimix worked a little too well. She knows all mine and my wife’s health issues.
I proceeded to explain to her as PG as possible, we’re still trying to adjust the dose just Right. I said we Dropped the Dosage from 30-units to 25 this Time. And maybe 10-15 minutes after injection i was “Good to Go”. Then another 20 to 25 minutes of warm up
aka Foreplay we started “messing Around “..
Now I had already explained to her that my wife suffers has RA and a little atrophy Pain as one of her post menopausal symptoms. Sherry asked if my wife was on an Estrogen supplement I told her no I’m trying to convince her to go to her doctor. And then she asked if we are using a good lubricant. I said yes.
I don’t explain as clinically as possible that after about 45-minutes and multiple Orgasms it was starting to experience Pain/Soreness, so we stopped.
I was just getting warmed up and Because of the Trimix i was still Hard as a Rock and No where Near Ready to Ejaculate yet. Sherry’s Eye’s Got really Big, she Giggled a Little and said after 45 minutes even I would be Sore..I said of course I didn’t want my wife to be in any pain so we stopped.
But by then I’m just over an Hour into a Raging Hard on. So of course im Going have to Fix the Issue myself. I said I masturbated pretty vigorously for about 25 minutes but it was just not
By then i was Exhausted and A litte Sore myself. So I went to the bathroom a Took three pseudoephedrine pills, Grabbed a couple frozen gel packs out of the freezer wrapped them around my Hard penis for about 30-min before my erection started going back down to normal. I Said Next time i will have to drop the dosage is just a tad more, she said that’s probably a good idea.
The she said she wanted to do another biofeedback test to see how things are progressing. Told me she wouldn’t leave the room so I can get undressed from the waist down the up on the table and cover up with the sheet, And she would right back in.
No in this session it was just me and her in there because the other therapist was out sick today. I got undressed and Ready , a few minutes later she came in. So I want to do the same biofeedback cast as the last two times. So I’m laying on my back she Tell me to my legs, Then she pulls up the sheet and places the First Sensor on my Left Hip. Then pulls sheet up and over my knees Towards my Stomach.
Now i shave Everything downstairs so everything is soft and smooth already. She takes a little Alcohol whip and cleans around my Perineum on both sides. Takes the second sensor and places it on the left outside of my Perineum. Walks around to the Right side of Table lifts up sheet to place the Third sensor on outer right side of Perineum. And as she walks back around to left side of Table again i can feel that Third sensor Pop off. I said I think that one just Fell off. So she reaches over and lifts up the sheets between my Knees and takes a Peak, Yep you’re right it fell off. So she reaches back in and puts it back on.
Tell him to lay my legs flat take a couple deep Tummy breaths to get a Relaxed reading. It was in about 2 On meter. Had me bend my knees to check in that position. My socks kept wanting to slide so I couldn’t really relax my legs without my feet sliding. So she walked out of the room grabbed little strap
To put across the top of my feet to keep my feet from sliding. No I was able to relax down to 5 on the meter. she had me lay my leg straight and started Moving her fingers around checking for sore pressure points From my belly button to the left side and right side of my outer hip bone. Slowly moving down and across till getting to base of my Penis. Had me bend my legs again and starting on Right side checking from middle/back side of Right Thigh Back Around to my outer thigh. Slowly lower each time till she was almost to the Crease of the inner Thigh and outside of my pubic bone. Stopping when her Fingers Hit my Penis. Without a Word she moves my penis over to the Left side.
Then check pressure points from Top inner Hip/pelvis all the way Down to the Right of my Anus. Lots of sore some painful spots..Said we got some work to do.
Then walked back over to the left side and starts checking everything the same as she did on the right Side.
A few sore spot on my inner thigh. When she gets to Crease/Groin-outer pubic bone her finger Stop at my Penis Again this Time wiggling her Fingers under to get all the way Down. Basically penis laying on back of her Hand Again.. im sporting a little chub by then but not Erection in any way . Lots of sore spots move back and forth on some pressure points holding about 20 seconds On each spot to help release tension in the muscles. Then has Take a couple deep Tummy breaths to check the meter and the relax state.lowest was a 2. And had me do a Kegel squeeze To check tension reading. About 15-17. Had me do that 5 Times.
Said everything is looking a little better , but more work to do. Told me to get dressed and come out and I’ll start the exercises. Had me start off with five minutes on the bike,
Then over the course of an hour multiple reps of about eight different exercises and Buy then i was exhausted..
End of session i made another appointment Session #6 for Friday at 11 AM..
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby bldoink » Tue Feb 08, 2022 4:21 pm

Having absolutely no experience with pelvic floor therapy I wonder how typical her techniques are.

Thanks for the blog. I find it interesting. I, unfortunately, wouldn't have to worry about getting erections.
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby FacidInKC » Thu Feb 10, 2022 7:47 pm

That's a lot different from my experiences, but is she taking new patients?
RP April 2017. Tried Trimix once. On daily Tadalafil but not much help, if any. 71 years old in 2023.

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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Thu Feb 10, 2022 8:27 pm

FacidInKC wrote:That's a lot different from my experiences, but is she taking new patients?
For me it was the Luck of the draw I guess .
I just called to make an appointment and she was the First available Female
Therapist with appointments open.
Could not a received a better choice if I Picked
She’s the one in the Middle...

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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Fri Feb 11, 2022 1:50 pm

Not much to Report for Session #6
Eight minutes on the bike. The other 50 minutes was about 10 different exercises and stretching.. hopefully we will soon start on the Specific issues that I went to therapy for to begin with..
53 Type 1 diabetic For last 25yrs. Married 23 years.
ED last 10 years, BPH, hypertension.. L 6.0” x G 5.25”
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:59 pm

Session #7

Male Pelvic Floor therapy session #7

Started with 8-minutes on the recumbent bike..
then a couple stretching exercises. Then back into Room asking how things went over the SB/valentines weekend. I said good, still got in my Exercises and Treadmill Time every day.. asked if any Sexual activity over weekend, I said yes. Asked if any Pain During intercourse , I said no but a little stinging pain from my anus halfway up the shaft of my penis during Ejaculation.
Asked how the lower Dose of Trimix went. I said Honestly it was the Best Sex we have had in 15 Years, felt like i was back in my 20”s only
I said I won’t go into to much Detail but it was Great for Both of us.. i had less Hip Pain during some positions now..
She said that’s Great to hear.
She wanted me to ad a Few new Exercises and Said she wants to Do another Biofeedback Test now. I said OK , then said the other therapist will be joining us if that’s OK. So she got a table ready so I can get undressed I’ll leave the room and we will be back in a minute. I get undressed pop up on the table and cover up with the sheet. A few minutes later her and then the little Blonde therapist come in and A little blonde sits on a rolling chair on my right side what is your laptop in her lap.
Sherry says let’s see what kind of readings we can get now. And the same as the other biofeedback tests She has me bend my knees , grabs the sheet pulls it up and over my legs down onto my Groin. takes the first sensor placing it on my left hip. Thanks for second sticky sensor placing it just left center oh my perineum. Walks around the table to the right side facing the third sensor yes right center on my perineum. And by the time she walked back over to the left side of the table they both popped off onto the table. And after the first visit obviously knows that I shave everything downstairs. And because of my Sensitive skin I usually shave with baby oil . I said sorry it’s probably the baby oil I use this morning when I took a shower. No problem grabbed a couple alcohol wipes gave my perineum a good clean up. And put on two new sensors. Then the Blonde Therapist is standing almost at my Feet on right side while Sherry explains why and were she”s placing these Sensors. As she holds up the sheet a little to look at placement. Now at this point
From my view my penis is covered what is she saying on my groin but they both have a clear view of the base of my penis, balls & Anus..Sherry says to the blonde do you see where i mean for placement?
The Blonde Therapist says yes then sits back down in chair next to me. Sherry grabs sheet pulling it back up And over my knees. And with a quick peek under the sheet
To see where to place her fingers she starts on some Trigger point spots with two fingers on my pelvic Floor muscles just to the outside of my Anus And presses. I kind of wince because I feel like stinging burning pain in the muscle, I take a deep breath see if that’s a sore spot
She eases up the pressure a little bit, But i can feel her slowly rest her Third Finger straight Down on my Anus Hole. Of course which made me twitch a little bit. She said are you OK, i’m good
Once in a while during sex I love a little ass play with the wife. So immediately I’m in my head trying to think of football, puppies or auto repair to get my mind off what’s happening to try and not get an Erection. .
But as he slowly hits other pressure points going up my inner thigh/Groin area slowly stopping every so often to relieve pressure off one of the tight muscles. Till almost reaching the spot just above & left of my Left testicle . Her fingertips it’s a base of my penis which is laying against the crease and my inner thigh.
I Realize the in my head thought distraction Is not
I’m trying to concentrate on my breathing while listen to what she’s saying, but it’s getting harder to concentrate. As she continues to slide her fingers under the shaft of my penis all the way up my inner Thigh towards top of my Hip.
Its out of my hands now and I’m probably 70% erect. And as she finally slides her fingers over and past The head of my penis , it Gave me a little shiver.
Then stopped , walking back around to the right side. She said let’s see how this side doing now. Going to exact same process on the right side.
Luckily my penis was still lying To the Left side still so wasn’t in her way at all checking the right side . Except for the fact by now I was pitching almost a full tent when she was a little embarrassing and kind of hard to hide underneath a Thin white
Had me do a couple breaths and blow out and then do a couple Kegel squeeze’s to check the reading on the meter. Can you get here about four or five times checking the numbers see if I was fully relaxed hi sorry when I was flexing. Set all the numbers were looking better..
Another 10 minutes or so she was done with the right side.
Walked back around to the left side pull the sheet back up over my knees on my lap and remove the two sensors off my perineum and the one on my left hip talked a few minutes above Treatment moving ahead. Then i got dressed and we went back out for a few more exercises and Stretches.
Then made appointment for Next Tuesday.. then i left..

Another decent session in the books..
53 Type 1 diabetic For last 25yrs. Married 23 years.
ED last 10 years, BPH, hypertension.. L 6.0” x G 5.25”
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Rnmhrd1718 » Tue Feb 22, 2022 5:10 pm

Male Pelvic Floor therapy session #8

Started off with 6-min on Bike.
Then about 30-min of Stretching & Exercises.

Then into the Private Room.
Went over my 24-hr Bladder Log to see if there’s improvement on me getting up 3-4 Times a Night To Pee.. Therapy & exercises plus Walking at Home everyday has me Down to 1-2 Times a Night To Pee. Which is better..
Went over how everything has been going as Far as Pelvic Floor pain or Pain with Sex. Told Her a little better Except the Stinging pain From intense Orgasm Friday when the Wife and i had Anal Sex for First Time in 23 years of marriage.
Told her wife wanted to give it a Try because Pain from PIV sex after menopause. Told her other then the Pain i had During Orgasm it was the Best Sex we have had in probably 15 years..
Said she wanted to do another Biofeedback Test to check numbers..
I just Ordered a intimate Rose pelvic wand off Amazon so I could Do some Internal Trigger Point massage at Home. I brought it with me to therapy to show her , to Ask her to explain the Correct way to use it at Home. She spent 15-min explaining the How to points..

And said we will leave the room real quick getting dressed and will get the biofeedback test going.
As usual I took everything off from the waist down, got up on table and covered myself With the sheet. Two minutes later they both came in. She asked if it’s ok if The other therapist sits in on the session for more training of course I said yes..
Same as all the other biofeedback session has me bend my knees then grabs the sheet pulling it up and over and down on my lap. Then proceeded to put the first sensor on my left hip. then puts Second sensor on the left side of my perineum, and the third sensor on the right side of my perineum.. Has Me lay my legs straight down He was a couple deep breaths text to meet her to see how relaxed my pelvic floor gets. And has me bend my knees and checked it again . Meters reading a little better than before. Has me roll on my Right side And does some pressure/trigger point checks to muscles just to the right of my Anus. Definitely some sore spots. As we roll over on my left side, And checks the same muscle/spot yes to the left of my anus, pretty sore there too..

Tells me to Roll on my back again on my and bend Knees again. She says I’m gonna take the sensors off now.
And she said since you’re gonna to be doing trigger point therapy at home with the Wand, Is it ok if she Does and internal exam to see where you’re at ? I Said of course I’m fine with it. She said Now I want to ask you kind of personal question ? Have you ever done or do any kind of butt play during sex or any Toys ? I said of course every once in a while but just a Finger, never any Toys .
She said well good then you’ll know what to expect.
She had me roll over on my right side and of course I’m face-to-face a Foot away from the other therapist sitting in a chair next to
Then she explains what she’s gonna do. I said OK. She again if you don’t mind I’m now going to Put Lube on my Finger and insert my Finger now. And of course the sarcastic comedian i am i said to to answer your question Hopefully you’re not to open hardware, no I don’t
Of course she said as she giggled a little, yeah that’s a little odd.
She then pulled the sheet up an off my Butt laying it on Front side of my Hip. So from the Middle of my back to the back of my knees was pretty much Exposed to her Now . She said here we Go and with her Right hand Holding my Left Hip she takes the lubed middle finger on her left hand and kinda Lubes up across my Anus an slowly push’s it in . I think she was Expecting some type of Reaction from me, but didn’t get one. It actually Felt pretty Darn Good but I didn’t show it at all until she went slowly knuckles Deep right into my Prostate, then she definitely noticed my reaction.
She started moving in and out all along my pelvic Clock checking for Pressure/Sore or tight spots. She found about three or four really sore spots.
And did some pressure hold triggerpoints on the inside base of penis muscles which were in the 9 -11 and 1- 3 area because those were sore and pretty tight. It’s been about 3 to 5 minutes no I need side doing some trigger point pressure and I could feel both sides releasing tension. When she was done I explained I’ve got more out of that 10 minutes of internal trigger point pressure work then in the first eight sessions with external massage/trigger point and exercises. She said that’s great we’ll have to start doing that at least once a week. But she told me not to start any at home internal therapy for a couple days to give my muscles a chance to heal up a little so they wouldn’t be so sore. She said everything is looking good she said or I will leave the room so you can go ahead and get dressed and we’ll set up an appointment again for Friday. I got dressed she came back and we had another 10 minute chat and had me add another exercise to my my at home exercise schedule made my appointment for this Friday at 11 AM. All in all I thought it was a pretty good session finally got the internal exam that I’ve been waiting For since first evaluation Visit.
And guess what I can definitely feel a difference in my pelvic floor loosening up even four hours after my therapy session..
53 Type 1 diabetic For last 25yrs. Married 23 years.
ED last 10 years, BPH, hypertension.. L 6.0” x G 5.25”
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Re: My ongoing PF therapy Blog..

Postby Fourtytwo00 » Wed Jun 15, 2022 5:23 pm

Any update?

It was really interesting.

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