Erection exercise with Giddy

A very new area of interest is penile physical therapy. From exercises to stretching to vibrational therapy, it's all new and still being studied. This is where we can share techniques, exercises and successes.
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Erection exercise with Giddy

Postby Growinjim » Tue Mar 16, 2021 9:22 am

Influenced by a talk by a Canadian Urologist, I'm achieving erections for blood flow and exercise using the Giddy device (sizing is very important). I usually wake early and might have a chubby but no nocturnal erections I'm aware of. I put on the Giddy and make sure it's as far down the shaft as it will go (pulling/tugging around circumference). I find I slowly engorge very nicely (which I don't do unaided). I stay in this erect state for about 30 minutes. Supposedly it's supposed to help keep the penis healthy with new blood.

Anybody else doing similar or have suggestions? I'm not seeking growth (although that would be nice), but improvement in ED.

Recently, based on research studies I've been combining Viagra with Trimix with excellent results.
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Re: Erection exercise with Giddy

Postby brickbat » Tue Mar 16, 2021 10:40 am

Glad you are seeing results with the Giddy.

What you are doing sounds alot like clamping where guys on penis enlargement websites buy a cable clamp from Home Depot or online for about a buck and proceed to improve the girth of their penises. A large cable clamp can be placed behind the balls and you can use as many medium sized cable clamps as you wish (three or so) at the base of your shaft. Then edge away enjoying the hardness and veins popping out all over your unit. This exercise reportedly helps erectile function while also improving the girth of your tool. Done safely, it is alot of fun.

Houstonwoods on Thundersplace has grown his unit to six and five eights mid shaft in girth by this method.
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Re: Erection exercise with Giddy

Postby LeRoastBeef » Tue Mar 16, 2021 11:46 am

I do exactly the same thing. I have done for over 2 years now. Purely to get the blood flowing and protect size. I use a combination of rings.

I also use a pump every 3 days or so, just to really stretch things out and ensure that there is no size reduction.

I assume therefore, that we both very much have venous leak. Using a ring results in exactly what you would expect to happen if we had a leak.

It's just a shame it's quite ackward to use them for sex. Not the most comfortable.
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