Implant man

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Implant man

Postby biggestdickest » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:44 am

A penile implant guy was killed in a car accident, A few days later the wife got a call from the morgue, she was told that her husband had an enormous erection and they couldnt close the coffin lid. She replied, Thats easy just cut it of and stick it up his ass. The mortitian was quite shocked but that is what she asked for so thats what they did. Come the time of the funeral, its an open casket ceremony, and as the crowd filed past the wife approached at the back of the cue, she could see a little tear run from the corner of his eye, She leaned in close and wispered in his ear, Yes it Fucking hurts doesnt it.
61, 3 years post RP. Implant Ams 700 ms. 19th April Greenslopes Hospital Brisbane, Dr Malone Brisbane urology. Operation seems great so far but hospital stay was traumatic and felt unsafe. I was not in good hands.

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