Customer service

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Customer service

Postby Leebert » Wed Nov 23, 2022 4:59 pm

This happened to me today! I work part-time in a smaller grocery market for some xtra cash to have, wife does as well. This goes above and beyond customer service help, anyway, this older guy was standing there looking for something and i asked if i could help him find something. He had a cane on his cart and said I'm looking for pizza crust in the tube kind, so we looked and didn't find any, he said oh well, but can you help me with something else, i said sure what is it. I'm crippled up a bit and cant keep my pants from sliding down, could you help me tighten my belt up a notch, mind you people walking by, i thought about it a moment and figured what the hell why not! I bent down to get at the buckle while he lifted his shirt up and his zipper was down, i said you got to do something with that first, he explained he has trouble with his thumbs could i do it for him! I'm thinking about all the people walking by and thinking holy crap, what to do now! So i bend back over again and grab the bottom of the zipper to get the clip to pull it up and HE'S GOT A HARD ON! So i quickly pull up the zipper, mind you people watching, now i still got to fix the belt, sheeze! So i did and he thanked me and my boss came by and i pawned him off on him to find pizza crust which we didn't have! Word got out what i did and made all employees laugh after a stressful day. The boss said thats extremely going above and beyond customer service, that was nice of you, i said ya, that'll probably be the last time i help anyone again! Lol
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Re: Customer service

Postby cbinspok » Thu Nov 24, 2022 10:22 am

Ha, real life its always funny. Thanks for sharing and have a good holiday
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Re: Customer service

Postby GoodWood » Sun Dec 04, 2022 10:42 pm

It’s possible he had a malleable implant and it really was an innocent request for help.
Seems more likely to me than a creepy kink that borders on sexual assault. (Unwanted sexual contact)
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