The Big One

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The Big One

Postby handfulWES » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:09 pm

Guys I sure trust this meets the requirements stated for this section. This took place on Friday, February 22, 2019. I will write this as it took place. Please forgive me if this doesn’t meet the standard and without some of the language I will use it just want pack the punch of the moment. I trust you will enjoy and as many know; my stories most often are rather long. Just think of reading a good book. I trust you will enjoy the story as this is as true as they cum. (play on words)

BACK GROUND & HISTORY: I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday at the VA. I go to Richmond, VA because this I believe is one hell of an excellent care facility and they have it all. They were the first to do a heart transplant back in the mid 80’s as well as, they have the spinal cord injury unit for all the military which consist of a 2 floor wing. Every specialty possible is located there as the long and short, if they don’t have it you don’t need it.

I had seen the doctor but I needed to get in 2 minutes of time with the Endocrinologist to renew my scrip for my “T”. He always gives his speech about the “T” and covering his preverbal ass. He is very smart but the man can’t add or subtract I know because he has trouble getting the right number of needles and syringes for 6 months. One last small fact: The VA generally will pick up and lose some of their interns from about mid January to mid February and again in mid August to mid September. One last thing, I have a degenerative spine problem so the VA is so huge and I no longer am able to walk several miles inside the hospital so I have a fine wheel chair that I use. (OK I said miles and I mean just that. The hospital is so wide and so long that on the ground floor they have a loop that if you walk it twice you have walked 1 1/2 miles. The ground floor is the only floor left in the hospital with 2 paralleled hallways. They have expanded the hospital on every floor using most of the other hallway to expand the clinics.

THE STORY: After my visit he said I was looking at your chart and you haven’t had a follow up on your implant in almost 3 years. I said I didn’t know I needed one and urology hasn’t contacted me for such a visit as our buddy went to Florida shortly after my finial visit in the first 6 months. He said let me call over and see if our new resident doctor has time to see you. I said fine, as I don’t plan anything else on the day I go to Richmond. I waited, he called and they were slow and he had time, oh he also sent his new assistant intern along all because he felt it would be educational for him. I though oh hell, I disrobe for a viewing of all my parts. The assistant offered to push me and when I met him before I didn’t think he had too much going for him. He certainly didn’t strike me as a ball of fire. I was happy and so we went from the 5th floor one far end to the second floor to almost the other extreme end.

The doctor was waiting at the entrance door leading to the clinic. I took one look, and said “Oh Fuck”. Now guys there were many reasons for my response. My chauffer mumbled “holy shit”. I figured he saw what I saw but I didn’t know this man possessed what we were looking at hanging down his scrubs. I did recognize him from the medical team who was with Dr. Petrossian who did my last implant. He was one of the interns who send me home with an infection. OK, he was part of the 3 interns who was silent.

I said please tell me you aren’t the doctor replacing Petrossian and he smiled. His office was at the very back of the damn clinic and I was thankful to have my assistant pushing me. We finally reached his office and he closed the door behind us. He had opened my chart and he said I’m not sure how we missed doing yearly checks on you. I said well I am here now who else has to be invited. He looked at me somewhat strange and I said as a rule, you gather everyone for a look and see tour beside Dr. Gill’s trainee and his education. He said it’s just us 3 and I couldn’t help myself I said I believe there could be 4 here. He was a bit slow on the uptake but my chauffer snickered and I was asked to somewhat disrobe. If any of you have read my post we know I’m not shy. I said “you know what, I believe if I have to disrobe we should all have to follow suit. I am tired of being the only one undressed at these unveilings. He looked at me and Ron (the chauffer) just cracked up. Well the doc thought a moment and I said I am military so we do this by the numbers. Remove shirts. We did and under this extremely loose shirt was a hunk of a man. There was no boy there he was 100 percent all man with the chest like a brick shit house. Poor Ron sucked air as he too removed his shirt. I slipped off my shoes and the rest followed. Then I just pulled my pants down, boxer briefs and all. See I had gathered he was going commando under those scrubs as I felt they were a bit over sized and not doing a great job of hiding what was behind the thin fabric. OMG when he undid the drawstring and they dropped what we saw didn’t belong to man.

I almost stuttered when I said “OH HOLY SHIT”. Poor Ron was getting boned and I thought my eyes would pop out of their sockets. This instrument hanging in front of me belonged to a damn horse. I am 68 1/2 years old, being in the military with open bay showers that could handle at least 25 men at the same time, never in my entire life have I seen a cock this big on a human being. Hell the guy was only about 5’ 10” 140 lbs. and 20 of that hung between his legs. By now the obvious was happening with the doctor as what swings between our legs generally obeys the head down there and it started to grow. I am rather good with measurements and on a soft it was between 7 and 8 inches long and was plump then. As it grew it plumped some more and stopped at what I figured was between 12 and 13 inches. OMG and I said you get to feel mine I go first here so you will know just what it is like. I reached out as if it belonged to me and it felt like velvet. This monster was UC, with a ton of extra skin, all the skin felt thick, like I said like velvet. The damn thing was so long it just hung down and I had to check everything you know so I pulled the skin back, everything was clean, no odor, a little leak so I took the end of my finger to check it out, well that brought out a little moan.

I forgot about poor Ron and he was playing with his tool which by the way wasn’t bad either but it wasn’t one for a horse and I told him by all means you are along for the education as well and I took his hand and told him there is lots of room. He laughed and so did the doctor. The doc said you are not shy or, and I said OR. I knew where he was going as I finished; I am not shy nor do I feel uncomfortable. I just wanted you to know what it is like for a patient to go thru this thing. Since I am not shy how fucking long is that damn thing he said 12 1/2 inches and 7 inches around. I just shook my head as I said I know where it isn’t going and we all laughed. I said I bet it would be fun to try. This was the biggest dick I have ever seen.

Guys, if I have offended anyone, please forgive me. I just couldn’t pass writing this up and posting. I did ask what you do if a guy is this large and needs an implant. The conversation turned a bit more serious and he said I am not sure. We talked about other things and I asked a lot of questions and over the next weeks I will post some of the questions I asked and his answers and thoughts. Like Dr. Petrossian he too is specializing in just doing implants and working with guys with ED issues. I gained some insight that I will share.

68, single, have had an implant since I was 42. Goals: to help men with ED; help men over come years of failure; to know their bodies; have a richer fuller sex life whether they or straight, Bi or gay. last I traveled this road starting in the late 60's

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