My very very special case – any advice out there?

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My very very special case – any advice out there?

Postby michaeleurope1 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:09 pm

Dear all, I want to introduce my very special case – it seems I am the only one on this planet who suffered erection problems from this paricular cause/treatment. Incredible!

My urologists (and I visited many of them) have no answer – some are more or less endeavoured, but all in all they have no clue at all what really happened to me. Perhaps someone here in this brotherhood has an idea that could help me; sometimes I have the feeling that many of you have more experience and knowledge than „experts“ who have my problem not on their checklist. If anywone has the the decisive note – I would immediately grant him the nobel prize (if I could).

What happened? I ll try to keep the complicated story as short as possible. I am 45 and have been suffering from prostatitis for almost all my life (or was it in reality the pelvic pain syndrome?), tried many things (antibiotics, saw palmetto, etc etc), nothing worked, but: I never had erection problems, or, if, they were clearly situation related. Then I got an unlucky advice: Try the so-called „photodynamic therapy“, which is normaly an (alternative) method to treat early prostate cancer. The doctor claimed in this trestment he would activate natural substances (curcuma and hypericin) by the light of a particular wavelength light (transmitted transutheral tot he prostate cy a catheder); the light would be a „soft laser“ (no heat), fighting against the inflammation herds, which could cure the chronic inflammation. No dangers, nerves and healthy structures would stay untouched. So he claimed! Well, well.

Some days later (that treatment was about two years ago) I felt it much harder to get an erection than before that treatment. The pelvic floor felt just „empty“, no more tension, like a flat tire. How to express it otherwise? I felt that I lost the „connection“ from my mind to my penis. Like a cut in my pecvic floor. Though I can get erections, my prostate and plevic floor feel „vapid“, like having lost contact to each other. If I get for example a prostate massage, the sensations (but also the pain) are much less than before the „treatment“. My flaccid penis feels harder than before, it seems so have lost the „permanent bloodstream in and out the penis“ like I was used before. It is harder to get erections, and, the strange thing: After orgasm the penis gets flaccid much slower than before. Its not easy the get him up, and he gets down slower than before. It is very hard to describe, but I am sure most of you know what I am talking about.

So I went through a marathon of checkups: The urethra has no damages, a magnetic resonance investigation of the penis was inconspicuous, the prostate near the bladder seem to be a little deformed (but my doc said thats normal). A doppler ultrasound oft he penis veins showed age-related normal results. On doc said that I have a little much connective tissue in my corpora cavernosa, two others that that’s rubbish and its all normal. My testosterone is normal. Some docs say that this therapy could not even potentially have harmed something (especially not my prostate and penis nerves), some say, oh yes, to that method (the “photodynamic therapy”) exist almost no medic studies, so we don’t know if there is such a possibility. The truth is, they know nothing, for one simple reason: This problem is simply not on their schedule.

I would rate that my erection ability dropped from 90% before the treatment to 50% after the treatment. So I seem to have some kind of luxury problem (yet my penis still works), but the whole thing mixed up my entire life completely. There is only one topic: This.

At the moment I take 2,5mg Cialis (half oft he 5mg pill) daily. And what is strange: During the night I wake up almost very 2 hours with an (almost hurting) erection hard as a rock and I have to pee to get it down at all. But if I dont take cialis: Awake and during day there would be almost no chance for an erection. This is – related to my problems to get my penis erect in normal sexual situations – very very strange, though (in my view) no proof that my problems are of psychic nature (as my psychologist claims – of course). Although it certainly plays a role – I have good days and bad days for getting erections.

What caused all this mess? Does anyone have a theory? Although, on the other side, I should be lucky that my penis is at least working at all, though not as it worked before this treatment. Sometimes I wish to get an implant of check of the whole story, and then I think: Are you crazy? You still have a (yet slowly) working member? And then all these self-reproaches: Cancer and accidents are fate. But this treatment? Just senseless.

Michael (45), moderate erection problems after an „alternative“ treatment against prostiatitis. Doc claims that I am the only case. Taking 2,5 mg Cialis daily, results massive nocturnal erections, but though erection problems since the day of that treatment. Im am sure that it is not psychic as some doctors claim. Trying additional electrotherapy and shockwave therapy the keep my corpus cavernosum fit. Sick of all this; I want my prostate and penis back as they felt before that unlucky „treatment“.
44 y, moderate ED after laser treatment against prostatitis. Searching for the exact reason to get a reference point for a proper treatment. Urologists could not help. My story: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9644

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