Dr. Eid and Dr. Kramer? What about my doctor?

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Dr. Eid and Dr. Kramer? What about my doctor?

Postby jonbaldbg » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:52 pm

I really like my urologist. He takes is time with me and he impresses me as a very solid and experienced doctor. The list of surgeries he performs is long.

I am at the point of needing an implant and he does them. He has explained the procedure and recovery time to me. He did say that I would lose about one inch, but the ladies don't seem to mind. From reading on this board, I've seen comments of those who did not lose any length and I really don't have a lot to lose, although my doctor says I have more than most guys that come to him. He is very reassuring and is not pressuring me to have the procedure.

Until I started reading this board, I never considered going out of town to have the procedure, but I've read some stories where implants went bad and that scares me. Some on this board have said "Only go to the best doctors." And they have repeatedly recommended Dr. Eid and Dr. Kramer.

My insurance will cover Dr. Kramer. Do you guys have any recommendations what to do in my situation?
62 years old. ED for years. High BP and meds have done me in. AMS 700 CX /3.0 cm RTE Implanted by Andrew Kramer on 10/12/16. Involved revision to relocate tubes and pump performed 12/29/16 by Dr. Knoll of Nashville, TN.

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Re: Dr. Eid and Dr. Kramer? What about my doctor?

Postby stringerbell » Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:20 pm

People repeatedly mention Dr. Kramer because he's probably the best, if not in the top 2-3 in the world. He's got a library of 200 or so videos online and is a nice guy. Your insurance covers it? do it

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Re: Dr. Eid and Dr. Kramer? What about my doctor?

Postby dirtman1993 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:02 am

Read MY JOURNEY by dirtman1993 and you will see how well my recovery went and I still stay in contact with Dr. Kramer. Dr. Kramer and his team took great care of me from the moment I called to today. The office personnel were open friendly, and never made me feel different. The whole experience was so much better than I expected. Many guys here don't go back for the first inflate and start inflating on their own but I decided to go back and have never regretted doing so. The extra time waiting was worth it as I still had swelling but couldn't tell. No pain but some swelling was present. Followed up my 30 day follow up in another 30 and everything went so smooth with the inflate/deflate after the second visit.

Go to Dr. Kramer for a great experience. If you have any questions after doing all the research about Dr. Kramer (watch videos) mine was March 2nd, 2016 and can be found on Youtube and MY JOURNEY. Good luck
Implanted March 2nd by Dr. Kramer with AMS/LGX. Had a problem lower left (scar tissue) and he placed a larger (thicker) implant as you can here on the YouTube video. Got all back, ED over 10 years before Implant.

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