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Re: New Registering Members - forum guidelines

Postby Up4Real? » Wed Feb 09, 2022 12:21 pm

Hello rbrown,
I am standing by for your sharing Tantra "reserch". Where will you post? What subject?
1947-75YO Uncut Married 46 years to supportive wife. Serious ED at 65YO. Used pills, VED, rings, Muse, Increasing Trimix: discontinued with 85 units of 80/3/25 didn't work. Got peyronies. 22cm Coloplast Titan 11/18/20. Legacy pump.125ml reservoir. Pleased

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Re: New Registering Members - forum guidelines

Postby rtrenkler » Sun Jul 17, 2022 4:49 pm

Thank you for allowing me to join this group. Read and understood the rules.
25 years ED issues, Viagra, etc 20+ years, trimix 10+ years, 6 sessions shockwave through urologist,implant 6/1/22. Apparent long term venous leak. AMS700 w/ MS pump 12mm x 21cm 100ml

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Postby 4rest4rest » Wed Feb 01, 2023 12:40 pm

Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I looking at an implant in the fall 2023 depending on cost and insurance. Considering the titan. Extremely apprehensive....I'm 69 and at 54 with an infection things south became tough. Have tried everything...
Looking for info and options.
4 rest
Thanks, 4rest :)

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