I'm wanting to join the club

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I'm wanting to join the club

Postby LM-N-TX » Sun Jan 22, 2023 12:32 pm

I only found FrankTalk last month and read about everyone’s experience every day. Everyone has the same story, much like me. So amazing. I’ll be 69 next month and am ready for the NEXT BIG STEP.

Here’s my story. I was doing pretty good until I hit my 60s and would on occasion have a weaker than usual erection, but was not able to complete the task. Then later I was not able to cum at all. But I am satisfied with my wife. Then maybe 2 or 3 years ago I had no erection at all. I also felt tired all the time so I contributed it to that. Then I went to get my physical and I had a little high blood pressure, slightly high cholesterol. But in my lab test showed low testosterone. I was 298. Normal is 300-800 for my age. I asked the doctor about it. He said it was not that low. But I asked if I'd like to get that up and see if it makes a difference and he said OK. Prescribed some gel to put on every day, two pumps. I don’t remember how long it took but I started to get a little restless and wanted to go work outside. I was riding my bike faster than I normally do. After I showered, I was ready to go do something. I felt almost high and was in a good mood, things didn’t bother me and I didn’t get angry for no reason. I knew the testosterone was working. But when I tried it in the bedroom, I felt horny in my brain but still no erection. I decided to go to a urologist. I tried 5mg Tadalafil daily and waited a month or so, but still no erections. Went back to the urologist and gave my report. She said I could try some trimix shots. It sort of worked sometimes but not a very hard erection. At the beginning there was no way I would get an implant but I started to think about what that would be like. Found a Facebook group and read their stories which lead to Frank Talk and now I realize an implant was the answer. Now I’ve told my urologist I'm ready and am scheduled for my pre op screening, then schedule my surgery sometime in early March. After reading other implants' stories I can’t wait. This way my dick will match up with the way I feel in my brain. My advice to everyone is to have your testosterone checked. Mine was 298 and is now in the 800s but sometimes have to cut back because I get too horny.
Another thing after I retired last year, I went to some of the places where I used to work to say good to some of the people I had worked with and say goodbye. People I have seen in years would all tell me “You look the same” or "You haven't changed a bit". Some of these people I haven’t seen in 10 or 20 years. My company kept trying to talk me out of retiring. My coworkers would say “Why are you retiring? You’ve got a few more years” But only you know when it’s time and I was ready. So, my advice to all of you is to get that testosterone level up and you will see.
69 years old. Had Full ED for 3 years. Tried pills and injection.
Had my infrapubic implant surgery March 17 2023 with AMS 700 LGX. (so far so good)

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Re: I'm wanting to join the club

Postby AmansinCali » Sun Jan 22, 2023 1:59 pm


I know this is not your first post, but welcome aboard, you are going to be a valuable member here, just keep posting.

I agree with you 100%, you will know when it is time whether it is retirement or getting an implant. I retired early out of a job "No one retires early from", but it was time for me. When injections failed me 3 times in a row in 3 consecutive days, I said it was time for an implant. I have never for one moment regretting either decision, even though the early retirement probably cost me a million dollars.

My only comment on your post above is just make sure your surgeon is highly qualified and experienced. If you have been reading as much as you can on FT, I am sure you have read that over and over again. Just choose wisely.

Best of luck LM, you and your wife will soon be like newlyweds. Keep your thoughts positive.
Used Viagra & Cialis until lost vision in one eye due to AION, therefore can never use pills again, then tri-mix 1 1/2 years until unreliable. Implanted 9/20/22 at 77 years old by Dr. Yafi, UC Irvine. Married 55 years wife 76. 20cm Coloplast Titan.

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Re: I'm wanting to join the club

Postby Old Guy » Mon Jan 23, 2023 2:38 pm

Good you found FT if you need advice about ED. I was 68 when I took the big step. (35 in my mind)

About my mid-50's things started going downhill for me. Pills worked for a while, then Trimix worked for a while. The sad part is when those methods failed it was like ED starting again. Never had my testosterone checked until my pre-op doctor's appointment, but it was fine. My libido has always been high. The implant is one of the best things ever if you ask me. I knew nothing going in except I could get erections again. Found FT at 5 months after my implant.
Best of luck moving forward.
Nov. 8, 2019
4+ years, Coloplast Titan OTR
Married 36 years to my beautiful young bride
Always here to answer questions if you PM me

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Re: I'm wanting to join the club

Postby Bigdave » Sun Feb 26, 2023 8:29 pm

I was in my late 40's when I started experiencing some mild ED. I was also getting tired easily, and had a bit of a short temper.

I got my testosterone checked and it was quite low. Started Androgel and within a few weeks I had more energy, and the ED was improving somewhat.
I was initially concerned that the hormone would make me even more angry and aggressive, but it actually had the opposite effect.
I now have more patience with others, and I'm a lot slower to get angry. It's nice to be a nicer person. LOL
As I got into my late 50's, the ED started getting worse again. I could get erect, but it wouldn't last the duration, and I was having difficulty going long enough to climax. Most of the time the women were happy, but I wasn't so much. :cry:

Well, I just got an AMS 700 LGX a couple weeks ago. Still pretty sore, and unable to operate it due to pain and swelling in my scrotum, as well as the glans, but it is slowly improving.
It's encouraging to hear all the success stories here, and I hope I'm not one of the minority that has problems.
I'm anxious to get back to banging 20-somethings,,,, oops, I mean LIKE a 20-something again. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Age 59. AMS 700 LGX 21cm + 2cm RTE.
Peniscrotal, 2/23.
6.25" OEM with Cialis, about 5" post-op. (11/01: Length 6.75" and girth is up to 4.75" mid shaft.) Still growing, albeit slowly. :D
Cycling daily. Hoping to get to 7". ;)

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Re: I'm wanting to join the club

Postby rreese60 » Tue Mar 21, 2023 10:53 pm

I just found FT from an online friend. I started having issues in my 40s, 63 now. Viagra cured it back then. In my fifties tested for low T , now giving myself a shot. Doc said that could be one of the reasons you got Peyronie's. Also high blood pressure.Never thought about it as much as I do now, because you think you're not good enough anymore so you lose confidence. I feel for you straight guys because there is more pressure on you. You can't become a bottom. My partner who was a top, passed away 4 years ago, and me being into older men, I needed to have something done. Finding an older top is tough. I started researching years ago, and after numerous disappointing chances, decided to get the implant April 24. I think I have one of best in the field in Dr Carrion. His father was I believe the first to develop the procedure. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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