45 and looking for answers

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Re: 45 and looking for answers

Postby Robboyz450 » Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:50 am

Hi mate I think a implant is a bit drastic at your age try the injections first they work great , I am 54 I take phentolamine papaverine atropine injections it can be stored at room temperature to , they work great no pain either ,

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Re: 45 and looking for answers

Postby Spontaneous1 » Tue Jan 31, 2023 2:27 pm

Have you had bloodwork done? If not you should have your Testosterone level, along with a complete blood panel done to rule out under/over issues. It seems a lot of meds can cause issues with erections, including blood pressure. Have you tried aerobic exercises to help with you b.p.? Once this ED stuff gets in your mind it can really mess with you psychologically too, you come to expect problems everytime you have sex regardless, just because it's happened before!
I've used Zinc and L-Arginine with some success, but had to stop the Arginine due to an allergic reaction. I've also used a pump and constriction band with good results, but you do have some trial and error with finding the right "Goldilocks" size band (not too tight, not too loose). Yes a lot of the spontanuity won't happen, but with having an understanding wife (maybe she'll even help you with the pumping), you won't be going under the knife, and facing multiple revisions/failures with an implant. Speak with a good endocrinologist who specializes in sexual dysfunctions, gather all the information you can, and make informed decisions from there.
Retired 64 y.o. Married. Good health. Moderate ED since 2019. Use constriction band ocassionately to help maintain erection, some Cialis/Viagra. Some loss of sensation. Nocturnal erections returning, but lower libido, and sensitivity than before.

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