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Re: Another newbie

Postby Lost Sheep » Thu Dec 01, 2022 9:52 pm

OldMikey wrote:
Lost Sheep wrote:
OldMikey wrote:68, Tx. single
I suggest you buy a cheap one, use it just for cycling your penis to erect/flaccid states for therapy.

It had never occurred to me that a regular therapy to encourage blood flow was needed until I read: ... -exercise/. If I can get off the blood thinner I plan to start an exercise routine to get 'back in shape'. Depending on how that goes I will look into constriction rings to maintain an erection.

I will counsel you to not use the constriction rings for penile therapy. The article linked to in this thread explains it well, that getting blood in AND OUT of the penis (flushing oxygenated blood through your tissues) is more important than just getting blood in once for an erection. Getting erect and getting flaccid in successtion gets blood exchange, not just blood inflation.

As I said in my earlier post, a cheap one will apply the same level of vacuum as an expensive medical-grade one (though getting a good seal, operating the pump and applying constriction rings if you want to use it for sex may be easier with the more expensive ones.

If you don't apply too much vacuum, I don't think (in my non-professional medical opinion) that blood thinners would be a barrier to using a vacuum pump. Keep the vacuum level low enough that you don't burst any capillaries and you should be fine. If you do get bruising or edema, lay off for a few days and reduce the peak vacuum you apply.

I think, if I were on blood thinners, I would eschew the use of constriction rings. The snap of applying them from my vacuum pump was painful and (I think) likely to cause bruising. Also, with the constriction rings, my partner became alarmed that my penis turned purple after only a few minutes. Although they sort of worked for sex we found them marginally unsatisfactory.
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