19 Year Old Male considering Implant route

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19 Year Old Male considering Implant route

Postby jeffdriscoll24 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:21 pm

Hey all, I am a 19 year old in college in Virginia. Over the past year and a half I have been dealing with erectile dysfunction problems. I used daily Cialis for the past 6 months and it worked very well up until a few weeks ago where I had a sexual injury w my girlfriend and now my erections aren't even aided by the use of Cialis. I can barely get 50% hard with constant stimulation even with a higher dose of Cialis. It's really depressing honestly. Before the injury, one doctor said everything looked fine and the other stated he could see a mild venous leak. Both used doppler exams. I will definitely wait and see with this injury how things heals up and will see the doctors again to see how much has changed and if there are other solutions.

I know I am young but I am now considering the route of an implant if my erections don't return to normal from this recent injury. I will get more tests done and get other opinions but I can't see myself using a pump or injections. A) for scarring for the injections and B) cuz they take away any sort of spontaneity. My biggest fear is not of the implant itself, but the reactions from females my age. I am in college and I feel as though I will be ridiculed by my peers and females.

Furthermore, I am currently in a relationship with an amazing girl who I had been seeing (not having sex with) before covid. Unfortunately covid made us go back home and so we took a break but when we returned in August we realized we wanted to be together. We began having sex and had a real relationship. I was taking daily Cialis and I know its immature but I didn't tell her. I was too embarrassed and felt ashamed as no other guy deals with these things at such a young age. Then at the beginning of the month, my injury occurred. Since then we attempted sex a few times but I can't get even close to hard. I came back home last week for thanksgiving and cuz of covid will stay home till we return in early February. Although I miss her a lot part of me is looking forward to trying to fix this issue in the mean time. I am just scared about opening up about this, I am scared about maybe having to have an implant and I am scared about being different. On a personal level, I know there are workable solutions to my problem but I am scared that they won't be accepted by my girlfriend or those around me at such a young age. We are still very early in our relationship and the sex was fantastic before so I am really sad. Let me know if you all have any advice or guidance. Thanks and stay safe!

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Re: 19 Year Old Male considering Implant route

Postby bldoink » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:52 pm

Welcome to the forum. I pray you have great success finding a satisfactory solution to your ED issues. I also wish you success with your relationship.

I think it may be a bit premature o already be considering an implant. See a good doctor that specializes in the type of injury you had.
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Re: 19 Year Old Male considering Implant route

Postby Lost Sheep » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:54 pm

jeffdriscoll24 wrote:My biggest fear is not of the implant itself, but the reactions from females my age. I am in college and I feel as though I will be ridiculed by my peers and females.

I will grant you that I am not 19 years old. But I hope my experiences do not rule out the validity of my thoughts. It is pretty well established that immature women may care more about a man's superficial sexual performance and more mature women care more about how the man treats her more than she cares about how he fucks her. Maturity and immaturity in this sense are defined less by years of age than her personality. But sometimes they do go hand-in-glove.

By your male peers, maybe you will get some ridicule. But just as likely you will be envied. You may be met with a lot of genuine curiosity. I suggest you be prepared to share your story with men who are genuinely interested - and HOW you share your story depending on how you are approached. Sorting out the merely curious from those with an interest for medical/physical reasons might be a challenge, so prepare yourself with interview questions to ask them. And answers to questions you expect to get asked. You don't want to be tongue-tied when you both may be uneasy about the conversation.

As far as female peers; any woman who would ridicule you is not worth having a relationship with. (My opinion) More likely you will be confronted with women who just want you for the "ride" you can give them. Those women are not worth having a relationship with, either. The women who ARE worth having a relationship with are interested in YOU more than your erection (durability, reliability or size). They will just consider your penis a happy bonus.

Hannah Smothers wrote an article in COSMPOLITAN magazine in May 2020 about how women feel about E.D. I was disappointed that it did not go more deeply, but it will give you a hint about how women of your age view the subject. Just read between the lines (of the article AND in conversations you have with your peers).
See these links
https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a ... young-men/
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