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Postby Smiffyboy988 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:16 pm

Hi there, I have got my implant operation a month ago and am probably the youngest on the site here at 20 years of age (Diagnosed with Venus leakage). I have some questions that as new member I would like to ask the more experinced members of this community....

1) I have noticed after the surgery there is an embarrassing bulge whenever I wear any sort of gym shorts or tight clothing etc. Is this normal for those with implants as it looks like I constantly have a semi erection. Also how long did it take people to be able to deflate the full way? I have what looks like a semi boner at the moment (even though I tried to fully deflate it) and I can't tell is ithat what its supposed to look like or If there is still a bit of fluid yet to go into the resovoir.

2) How long does it take before I am able to comfortably inflate/deflate. Is very sensitive even still to try and pump up and down.

3) I've heard that your supposed to inflate it every day and there's a supposed technique to lengthen your penis with the implant over time? Could someone explain this routine to me and how often I should do it

Much appreciated, very nervous to be posting this but looking forward to hearing from you all as theres not many of us in this situation and we need to help each other out!

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Postby calixtus » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:12 pm

I am appalled that your surgeon hasn't provided the most elementary guidance to you for aftercare and timelines of recovery. I am a few years successfully implanted and forgetting the details. First, contact your surgeon's office and demand the guidance you require. If that is unsatisfactory, see any urologist or walk into an emergency department immediately. Search online under "penis implant aftercare." Consult the websites of Dr. Eid, Johns Hopkins Urology etc. After implant I was fully inflated for 4-5 weeks. It is far too early for you to be at a gym. To avoid permanent damage, get expert advice right away.
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Postby ImplantMan » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:02 pm

Sounds like you aren’t getting it deflated all the way, your dr is not doing his job, he should show you how to inflate and deflate and work with you until you are able to do it. At a month I was having sex and all healed. I would consult another urologist, I’m not comfortable giving advice to you, something sounds fishy, your dick should be normal looking when deflated, as far as making it bigger don’t worry about that, I grew in length about two cm. I’ve had it done twice now, a couple of centimeters isn’t life altering, don’t be a measurement fixated guy, it’s not as important as society makes it out to be. Good luck

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