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Proud of the people here

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:25 pm
by Al1962
I really have nothing to complain about now that I see what others.
I will feel sorry for myself as I'm just beginning to show my age (56)/Diabetes/High Cholesterol. Wife just left after 21 yrs. With out a regular relationship to keep things active I'm afraid things may get worse quickly. Past few years wife and I only had relations about once a week which usually worked ok mechanically. Have not had regular morning erections for probably 5 yrs. Dr. gave me 20mg Sildenafil prescription just in time to not have a partner though it does give me morning erections if I take at bed time.
I'm afraid to get involved and have someone else suffer from my afflictions but do like women's company. Some men chase younger girls. But I prefer close to my age but some sexually active woman my age like to chase younger guys. I can't compete with that.
If ED is symptom of all terrible things I am lucky I have not had any serious health issues but know my turn can come.
The people on this form have a lot to say. I would like to add that hearing the women's side would be nice but not sure how to make it work best on a forum. Not here but maybe a couple links to helpful women's opinions.