Changing Times

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Changing Times

Postby Wellyboy » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:09 pm

I discovered FrankTalk quite recently when I was looking for information about Caverject (Alprostadil). I am amazed by the amount of information that is available, and the willingness of members to offer support, or just to chat.

I think my story is one of lost opportunity.
I had a stressful job which involved being away all week, lots of travelling, living out of suitcases. When I wasn’t on the move, I was pretty sedentary; too many hotel meals and not enough exercise lead to being overweight with heart problems and ultimately Type 2 Diabetes.

During this time, my libido plummeted, and I was put onto HRT (Testosterone gel) which helped a bit. However, I started to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (I was about 48 at the time), and, to cut a long story short, I didn’t seek treatment as quickly as I should have.

Roll on a couple of years, things had got worse, and I was persuaded to visit my GP, who referred my to my local Erectile Dysfunction Clinic. After unsuccessful trials with Levitra, I had reasonable success with Cialis. Over the next few years, Cialis became less and less reliable, until eventually I was referred back to the Clinic.
This was when I was taught how to inject myself, and I rediscovered the kind of erection that I hadn’t experienced for more than 20 years. After that, I began to want sex a lot more frequently.

However, my wife went through the menopause and found that her appetite for sex was variable. In addition, her health and capability worsened significantly. So we went from a position where she always wanted sex, but I either couldn’t or wouldn’t, to one where the situation was reversed. Karma’s a bitch.

The real kicker is that my wife and I used to love sex. I guess you don't know what you've got until you don't have it any more. Of course, I masturbate, but it’s not anywhere near the same.

I can't tell my wife how I feel. She is always telling me she is sorry that most of the time she doesn't feel the same way as she used to, and even when she does, she can't manage very much. I would never want her feeling that this is in any way her fault

I am guessing that my story is not unique, and would love to hear from those of you with similar tales of what might have been. If anyone wants to chat and share, send me a PM.
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62 years old. Was retired, now working part time. Living in UK (East Midlands)
Heart Disease / Diabetes T2 / Sleep Apnoea
Long term ED treated with Cialis and then 20mcg Caverject Injections

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Re: Changing Times

Postby alfa88 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:09 pm

Welcome. I'm in about the same boat without the heart and diabetes issues. I've had poor results from Alprostadil and am anticipating getting a hold of Trimix in the near future. I've got a VED as a standby. MSN had a couple articles on the benefits of sex for older women and aped select passages to Mrs. Alfa . At least she knows I'm still interested. Perhaps Mrs. Wellyboy's doctor has suggestions for increasing her libido.
53 years old, married 32 years. Decades of ED & PE. BPH. Tried Viagra W & W/O T-Shots, Levitra and Cialis, Edex, Trimix starter, medium, strong with poor results. VED is a last resort.

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Re: Changing Times

Postby Stew52 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:27 pm

Sounds a bit familiar but I managed to patch together a good fairly steady sex life - both with careers and 5 kids - with increasing doses of pills from 48 y/o to 64 y/o when 100 mg of Viagra was no longer working successfully for sex and the side effects not so nice. My private nickname for my wife has always been "Ever Ready" as she was almost always ready for sex since we met young. She considers it a fundamental need for good health and sanity. #MeToo. That abated a bit in a rough menopause for 5 years but her desire has actually come raging back but pills were only about 90% effective so less than perfect. Then we spent a sad dry year before I discovered injections, first Caverject and now Tri-Mix. I have no Earthly idea why Uro's do not recommend injections sooner. She was skeptical of "chemical magic" and "artificial boners" for a while and took some patient coaxing and proof of sustainable success. But it has been a rebirth and now the more she gets the more she seems to want. I take a day or two to reload and we've been averaging every 2 1/2 days when there are no extenuating distractions. The new nickname is "F-30" named after "beer thirty" (it's always beer thirty somewhere). First, there are hormonal treatments for women that can help revive flagging sex drive. And second, reopening that part of life - once you back in the saddle with a strong willing "unit" - can be resuscitated with love, care, gentle persuasion, patience and again, actual success. This is a metaphorical muscle that needs to be revitalized and toned. And literally in the case of restoring function after atrophy. A dab of AstroGel doesn't hurt either. Sometimes my wife just giggles now like we were teenagers in the garage again and we are actively "researching" many new things. Hope you both find your nirvana again.
NOT an MD. 66, CenTX US. Inj since 12/16 a yr after pills stopped working. Caverject for a yr (35mcg PGE). 1/18 Using Tri-Mix at 30 pap/2 phent/40 pge @ 0.3ml. Supp w/ 0.1-0.2ml 60 mcg/ml PGE1 on occasion for a longer session. Anorgasmia setting in.

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