Hello from the U.K.

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Re: Hello from the U.K.

Postby LeRoastBeef » Sat Jun 25, 2022 4:06 am

Your erectile dysfunction is severe, and it sounds like you should have had an implant long ago. They work when nothing else does, it is the nuclear solution.

Atrophy does occur over time when men do not have erections. I believe you when you say that you have atrophied.

The NHS depends on who you are allocated as a practitioner. I was lucky, my urologist listened to me and sent me direct to implant, because nothing else worked.

You must stay positive and fight your case when you see the consultant in manchester, assertive but respectful. You are an appropriate patient for implantation.

Like the other poster, it sounds very much like you may have venous leak.

In order to regain as much size as possible prior to implantation, it can be beneficial to use a vacuum device to stretch the tissue and regain size. This does work.
Forget the sliding technique, that's just going to murk the waters and its not going to happen in this country, the poster just wants you to be his guinea pig.
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Re: Hello from the U.K.

Postby Martin6469 » Sun Jun 26, 2022 3:45 pm

Niall: Get testosterone up toward the middle of the normal range. That the first item of business! There's no masculine functioning without proper T (see my signature). I don't know how NHS works but an endocrinologist is the best specialist to see for this. If there's a long wait, maybe you have the money for a private doc. Here in USA, urologists and GPs also treat low T. Mine's currently being treated by a GP after I fired a urologist who didn't pay me enough attention.
Age 77 in 2022. On testosterone replacement due to hypothalamus malfunction. (Attention depressed guys: low testosterone is a cause.) Healthy health nut but ED due to getting old. Like to keep enough cardiovascular ability to thrust for 30 min.

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