touble getting wife on board

There is more to sex than an erect penis. How do you maintain your sexuality both for yourself and for your partner? What techniques do you use to give both of you a great, satisfying sex life? How do you explore your own body and sexuality now that the rules have changed?

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Re: touble getting wife on board

Postby Happy Toy » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:15 pm

I'm very luck, my wife of 51 yrs. is very into it now. I have almost always been the initiator of love making and she seemed to be happy with that. We usually have sex about once a week on Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. But for the last month we have been busy with "life" if you know what I mean, and just have not had time for ourselves. She works from 9 am to 12 pm M-F so is usually home in the afternoons as am I. About 2 weeks ago SHE asked me if I was busy this next Wednesday afternoon. I said no, what do you have in mind? She said, "sure has been a long time since we made love" :o . I about fell out of my chair I, of course, said "Well nothing, that sounds like a good idea!" She said she is so happy that I got my implant and that she really is enjoying intercourse now. You talk about words that make a guy feel great and loved, it just doesn't get much better then that!!!
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Re: touble getting wife on board

Postby Lost Sheep » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:16 pm

rancherejim wrote:I feel your pain. My wife shut down right after menopause. I just put up with it for 10 + years, I tried everything to try to get her back in the game. She won't even talk about it. Finely I told her if she didn't start having sex with me I would be finding it elsewhere. So after 50+ years of being faithful to her I started up with the hookers. Despite what people say about hookers I have met some very sweet women in this hobby. Now we have a don't ask don't tell policy in our home. I can't divorce her because she is handicapped and is completely dependent on me for everything.
I am looking forward to my surgery coming up in a couple weeks so I can get out and fuck anytime I want to. If everything go's well I should be able to make the 20 year old girls as happy as they make me. I am still as horny now at 77 as I was as a teenager. Actually maybe more so. Back then it was wham baam thank you mam, now I will be able to make it last for hours if I choose to.

Do they give you a wholesale rate for those hours? :lol:

Seriously, as I understand it, prostitutes charge per encounter. I might be wrong, though. Do they charge per hour? Or do streetwalkers have a different fee schedule than call girls or other business models?

You can see that I am unschooled in these matters and unlikely to find out on my own (I am in a satisfying monogamous relationship).

To the contributors of the thread, please forgive this departure from the original theme
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