There is more to sex than an erect penis. How do you maintain your sexuality both for yourself and for your partner? What techniques do you use to give both of you a great, satisfying sex life? How do you explore your own body and sexuality now that the rules have changed?
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Postby graymare » Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:56 am

I first posted this in the members only section, then discovered many readers and commenters aren't actual members of FT. So I thought I would re-post it here to see if it generates any new replies.

When I developed ED years ago, I also had to get over whatever prudishness or modesty I had about having my genitals exposed to strangers. I first had to have the nerve to start the conversation with my GP. He was great. Since then I have had (what seemed to me very young) female technicians give my testicles and penis ultrasound exams on more than one occasion. I have had my penis injected in the doctor's office, developed an erection, then had the doctor and another ultrasound technician poke and prod it while evaluating its quality. I have had male and female medical interns observe and/or participate in the examination of my genitals, with my consent of course. Living in a small town, I have had all of this happening with the urologist's staff composed of mostly females, many of whom know me in the community. To my knowledge no one has breached confidentiality, but I sometimes wonder when passing one of them in the grocery store aisle if they'll ask me if my dick is still limp.

All of that said, I now feel absolutely liberated regarding nudity. I don't care anymore if someone sees me stark naked. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to become an exhibitionist. But I have taken to walking around the house nude whenever it is warm enough, and its not likely that we will have company drop by. My windows are such that they never expose me to neighbors, so that's not an issue. My wife grudgingly accepts it, but thinks its more than a little odd at my age. She has no intention of joining me thanks to her upbringing. At our lakeside cottage I skinny dip whenever no one is around. I have done some internet searching and have discovered men my age often develop this attitude towards nudity, or naturism as it is now called. I also discovered a treasure trove of research out there about the "good old days" when boys swam naked in farm ponds, YMCA's, and even on school swim teams. There are actually high school and college yearbooks showing naked males posing for their swim team photo. In Australia, lifeguard squad photos show naked males alongside their female counterparts, but the females had suits on. No man seemed embarrassed by his complete exposure.

This all makes me long for a return to that time. When I was in school, we didn't have a swim team, but we had communal showers for gym and sports. Communal nudity was the norm, it was accepted, and it was never sexual to my knowledge. Sure now and then someone had an erection, but we all knew it could happen to any of us. Now PE showers are not mandated, communal nudity doesn't exist, it isn't accepted; so nudity is only thought of in sexual terms these days. No wonder our kids are oversexed, and overweight. Back in the day, you did your damndest to stay slim because you had to take showers with your peers. Today, if you are obese, you won't be seen without your clothes on.

So I am asking all of you reading Frank Talk, if this rings true with you. Do you notice a difference in your modesty? Is naturism something you think about or act upon? Please tell us your stories and feelings. And do you yearn, like I do, for a return to a time when nudity was more acceptable?
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Re: Naturism

Postby dg_moore » Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:06 am

None of the above for me. I'm more comfortable clothed than not (except when I'm showering or sleeping) - nothing about being naked makes me feel liberated. When I was a kid we swam naked at the Y, but I don't remember feeling one way or another about it at the time.
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Re: Naturism

Postby David_R » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:07 pm

I love being nude around other men. I don't have the opportunity to do it very much anymore, but I am sure that my upbringing in the 1960s and '70s made casual nudity among males common and normal.
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Re: Naturism

Postby Anonymous2 » Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:07 pm

Hi Graymare, Well I like you love being a naturist, love being naked its the freedom it brings with it, I'm what they call a smooth naturist no body hair, your find it great when you first swim like that, lots of new sensations around your body, but then not had any pubic hair sense the mid 60's, grew back a few times but soon come off again, but been body scraping for the last 20 years.

I find it all very good and very healthy for our body's, at the moment living in Greece so get very hot todays been 42c and yesterday was 44c so all very nice to be naked.

When I last lived in the UK was down in Cornwall and used to go to either Low Bar just the other side of Helston or to the beach below Treen near Lands End both unoficial naturist beach's but never any trouble with the police as the both National Trust areas, the sea for swimming at Treen is really good and very clean, Low Bar is OK but its a very dangerous to swim there, the beach goes down very quickly into the water, its noted for a few getting drowned there each year.

Here in Greece we have a 10x5 salt water pool quite deep as it holds around 80.00 litres of water.

I do know one other on here who loves to get naked, but its up to him to tell.

OK away I must go.

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Re: Naturism

Postby Floridian » Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:04 am

I was introduced to "naturism" while in Jr and sr high school since we swam naked during class. I assume it was for sanitary reason but the girls wore their suits? Anyway, it seemed very natural to "learn" to swim and play in the pool without thinking it was a sexual thing. I recall playing water polo and having guys on my shoulders and just horse playing while the coach /teacher was there supervising a whole class of 40 guys. All innocent fun.

I like to go to a sans clothing optional beach if there is one around. I enjoy the feeling it gives me not to worry about what is covered and what not. I like to swim naked and often take off the suit at the beach while in the water. I walk around naked in the house but my wife doesn't think i should. She is not ready to dive into the nude beach part but i have been trying to get her there. For some it takes time to get used to the idea that no one really cares how you look. Perhaps now because of my age i feel more free to do what i want to do. Kids are gone and doing what they want to do and i have no restrictions of how i live in my house. haven't tried cooking nude tho but there is a time for it down the road?

So Graymare, i agree with your post. See the same at the gym that i go to about modesty---Can't believe that since it seems everyone is so liberal and openminded with the advent of the cell phone and TV. Meaning posting pics on the internet....
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Re: Naturism

Postby charlesr » Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:55 pm

Okay now I'm confused. I could have sworn that I replied to this post and now I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I replied somewhere else.

I really don't feel like having to reproduce everything that I already posted. But I'll put in a few points:

I LOVE being naked. My wife and I have an outdoor hot tub (in a townhouse; but as an architect I figured out a way that we are concealed.) We are in it four seasons a year and are always nude. Nudity is my preferred state and I only differ when I have to; which is whenever I have to leave the house, so, unfortunately, a good portion of the time. However, sleeping, making morning coffee, exercising, and the like are done au naturel.

That being said, the insanity of prostate cancer and my subsequent penile implant took that to a new level. Being examined by men and women alike with and without an erection, standing nude with an erection in an exam room with the door open and sales reps and nurses coming and going, "cycling" for a PA while she feels the tubes for proper alignment, etc. changes your attitude and you stop caring about your privacy. My wife, however, reminds me of her situations. Between gynecology examinations, sometimes with an army of male assistants, nurses and the like, and having children, I am only beginning to go through what she has already experienced.

So, yes, I guess now there is a term for it: "Naturism." I always just called it being comfortable.
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Re: Naturism

Postby charlesr » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:43 pm

I found it! My other post is in "Naturism" in "Members Only." It's pretty much what I said here with a little more.

I have to add that from my experience guys like it more than women. I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But if you make it a "Standard Operating Procedure" like my wife and I getting nude in the outdoor hot tub, it doesn't get them weirded out. I know a lot of females who are prudish, but if they are in another country and end up in a topless beach they follow suit. The environment and the protocol definitely have an effect.
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Re: Naturism

Postby Anonymous2 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:19 am

Hi Just a bit more, one of the things that opened my eyes to naturism was this, I was the blind man, yes a blind fitter, had to go back to do a simple repair which meant stripping the whole bind down to do it, when I was first looking at the blind to understand what was wrong, a women passed the window as it was half shut, my brain said she's naked and she was. she come back laid down on a towel just in front of me to sun bath, it took a bit of time but got it done, a very interesting repair, but later I thought if she can do it, why cant I, a big turning point in my life.

And Naturism here I come, never looked back, I know lots of guys in the UK who are house naturists and that's as far as they go, and ask what's it like to be outside, garden or on a beach, Answer invigorating along with swimming naked, but you do need to try it.

So anybody here who thinks wear odd because we want to be naked, try it sometime, if you can work in the garden or around your house, if you can get to a beach for naturists, how do you become a naturist easy just take your cloths off first and second as much as you can, being naked is not a sin, ever seen a baby born, yes we come into this world naked so why not just carry it on and like me enjoy it, when I found out, and as you can read, others here are happy.

It is that simple. OK

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Re: Naturism

Postby Artist » Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:36 pm

At nearly 64 years of age I have experienced many health exams by both male and female doctors and nurses. During a recent exam by a female dr I was more concerned that I would leak urine beacause of incontenance than my nudity . Many years before my prostate removal surgery I swam nude with my wife in the ocean. She wasn't as daring to try this swim experience. I'm not shy about being nude in front of my wife. I will work out nude in our basement nude at times and on several occasions, knowing that neighbors were on vacation, have worked on a tan on our deck. If our backyard were more secluded I would sunbath in the nude often. I like the feel of sunshine on ALL parts of my body!! I would like to visit a nude resort sometime but am a bit apprehensive (body image) thus I will continue being a home nudist. When ever nude I do experience a sense of freedom. I do believe, my opinion, is that ladies are reluctant to participate in the nude experience because of body image.
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Re: Naturism

Postby ShopMan » Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:22 pm

When my wife and I were somewhat younger we were for a couple of years members of a nudist group. We both enjoyed the experience but the club dues kept creeping up higher and higher and it just became cost prohibitive. As I said we were both very comfortable being nude with other men and women all naked. We swam nude. No wet suits to deal with. We played volleyball and I pitched horseshoes. As I said it was a great experience. If it wasn't so expensive we would do it again.
I might add that in all of our trips to our "club" I never saw a man with an erection. It's not that kind of place. Those who camped there I am sure engaged in sexual activity but not in the public eye.
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