Weird Places I've Climaxed

There is more to sex than an erect penis. How do you maintain your sexuality both for yourself and for your partner? What techniques do you use to give both of you a great, satisfying sex life? How do you explore your own body and sexuality now that the rules have changed?

Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby 3mtrship » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:49 am


In answer to your May question. I was just climbing the rope as fast as I could to beat the Marine I was matched up too. This was "man on man" at each obstacle. So the fastest time won and the most wins meant that branch of service got a pass.

To this day I do NOT remember who won but it was fun and here I sit 45 years later and remembering what a great "COME" surprise that was. I mean we just don't remember individual comes that way or at least I don't.

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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby jn1421 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:19 pm

Littlejohn wrote:Last year shortly after I started my testosterone replacement, I also started doing kegels. Sometimes I would do them when I was driving or at other random times. Since it had been almost two years since I had been able to have sex because of my ED, I was becoming particularly horny all the time. Anyway, I was getting out of my car at Walmart and was wearing boxers and was relaxing from a kegel and ejaculated before I could help it. My pants were so wet I had to go home and change clothes. It still felt so good that it was worth the inconvenience.

Sounds like you have a fixation for WalMart stores...not judging.
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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby reynell » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:40 am

to many to count
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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby 3mtrship » Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:16 am


That is amazing and I don't think I could have done that one. My first wife could have but not me.

You know I am surprised this subject has not gotten more comment. I figured since our sexuality is so complex and broad there would be some stories that surprised us all. There probably are but maybe sharing is not to be.

Thanks for the note, Jim

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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby ontopher469 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:56 pm

Jim (3mtrship),

I too am very surprised that very few men responded with stories of their best ejaculations. Well, here goes. I’ll see if I can help you.

Some of my best ejaculations have occurred here in front of my PC while talking sex with the horny men in the FT chat room. Many of the FT chatters like to take me to ‘private’ while both of us JO.

Over the years, I have ejaculated many times in my car while driving. I used to like to pull up beside large trucks at stoplights and hope the drivers (especially women) would watch me as I jerked off. I don’t do this anymore because of cell phone pictures and cops driving unmarked cars.

When I was younger and could squirt, I liked to yank in restrooms and finish off standing in front of the sink. I liked to shoot my semen onto the mirror. Of course, I left my DNA for the next person to see.

When I was a teenager, my bed was next to a bedroom wall. I liked to position myself upside down against the wall. When I ejaculated, I tried to catch my semen in my mouth.

When I was a teenager, I caddied at the local golf course. The veteran caddies would initiate ‘newby’ caddies by requiring them to masturbate in front the veteran caddies. After the new caddy ejaculated, the veteran caddies usually masturbated to ejaculation as well.

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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby WoodyJohn » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:08 pm

I have not had sex in other place but home since years but I remember that when I was a teen I used to do in wherever it was possible. Garden, old barn, public toilet, ...oh lord... that was fun times... lol :mrgreen:

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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby Hartbreaker » Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:19 pm

Much like ontopher469 I have had some pretty cool experiences here in the chat room and the private room really makes for a more interesting experience! ;)

Over the years I have climaxed and dropped my load in quite a few public places with a variety of people. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and the thrill of getting "caught" I find particularly exciting. So here goes...gym shower, public restrooms, highway rest stops, in the woods, the rig of an eighteen wheeler, back of a moving truck, an apartment laundry room, on the dance floor of a nightclub behind a speaker, hotel pool, gym/hotel saunas & hot tubs, the beach, video text, Skype, sex clubs with others watching or joining in. Wow, looking at this list it appears I am very naughty but completely honest!
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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby midwestman » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:42 am

When I was in my early teens a friend down the road said his dad had a porn movie and a projector. He brought it over one day and we took it up in the hay loft where we had built a fort in the hay. Don't remember a lot of details about the movie but it did show a naked couple but as I recall no intercourse. To this day, barns and haylofts make me horny and I have jerked off in a number of them. One time, again in my early teens, not long after I figured out how to masturbate, another friend and I went in the hayloft of his barn and we both were jerking off. His brother came up the ladder and caught us - man, that was two kids yanking at their pants to get them up! To this day, every time I see the brother I think of that! Other than that, back in the woods was a favorite place - just strip off and jerk off.

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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby ShopMan » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:38 pm

Because of severe back pain I do injections in my back every other month or so. I am mildly sedated so not sure when it happened by when it was felt by a nurse that I was able to stand without falling on my face or ass she helped me off the cot thing. As my pants are pulled quite far down, when I stood up all I was wearing was my shorts. That is when I felt wetness in my shorts and when the nurse left for a moment so I could get dressed I took a peak. I discovered the tell tale signs of cum in my shorts. :o I had no choice but to pull my jeans back up and wonder if the nurse had noticed. :shock:
As I have an implant I sometimes wake from recovery with an erection too.
The cum thing only happened once however and I don't know why it happened even once.
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Re: Weird Places I've Climaxed

Postby DaveKell » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:55 pm

My most memorable rocks off moment happened when I was 23 and traveling around Europe with one of the few Playboy bunny level women I've been with. We were in the south of France at a huge Roman ruins complex of which the public bath was mostly still intact. There was a grove of small trees next to the bath. We were the only ones there and I suggested "when in Rome...". We slipped into the trees and I laid my jacket on the ground. I was really getting into it when I noticed a guy about 20 yards away bent over forward spying on us through the trees. I immediately got concerned and told the woman I was with. She was thrilled someone was watching us. I instantly lost my inhibitions and hiked her knees up to her shoulders to give him a clear view of the action. He crept a little closer, trying to be unobtrusive but watching very intently. I thought I was never gonna stop cumming. The huge load expelled onto my jacket as soon as I got off her and she sat up. She was totally naked and enjoying letting him see her gorgeous boobs. I pulled my pants up and asked her to dress quickly in case anybody else showed up. My one and only public sex and I remember it fondly still some 40 years later.

My second huge cumming was a wet dream I still remember vividly. I was in a doctor's waiting room and the chairs were all chaise lounges fully reclined. A young blonde came up and layed down next to me and began taking my zipper down. Other people were in the room but not noticing us. She stripped naked and I climbed on. No forplay at all, just straight to it. I wrecked the sheets immensely and promptly woke up. I would add this was a few weeks after my first round of T therapy and I was horny as hell all the time. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens with age, my cum volume now is about a fourth of what it once was, but I still have those memories!
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