Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

There is more to sex than an erect penis. How do you maintain your sexuality both for yourself and for your partner? What techniques do you use to give both of you a great, satisfying sex life? How do you explore your own body and sexuality now that the rules have changed?
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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby limpjoint » Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:49 pm

I jerk off with a soft dick all the time and my wife watches. She mocks out my soft cock while I'm doing it. This didn't come naturally to her, rather I asked her to do it. At first she was very reticent to do so, but now after a couple of years she does it fantastically. She tells me that I have a useless soft dick and the only thing besides peeing that I can do with it is jerk off. I love the dirty sexual banter. She also tells me that her $10 vibrators are much better than my useless cock. Sometimes I even get hard while she mocks me out. And all the while she gets herself off, many times I might add, with her vibes. No it's not like it was before my surgery, but we make the best of it. When I cum, I shoot a little pee, slippery pee and she calls it my "pee cum", my "little boy peecum". I love it. She has such a dirty mouth.

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby TetherSpout » Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:16 pm

Hey there,

After reading the comments in this and other threads in this forum, it occurred to me that many of you guys might be able to gain something from my experiences. Like many of you, I now have great difficulty forming or maintaining a strong erection due to my Type 1 diabetes and all the drugs (7 in total) that I am now taking, not just for my diabetes but also for my high blood pressure, my enlarged prostate and all my other ailments (getting old sucks). I still feel horny, but sometimes I can’t even get a chubby anymore without watching a lot of porn and/or going to extremes of stimulation. But, surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me all that much, because I am able to easily compensate by using a tetherspout. It is a unique urethral gizmo that I invented as a masturbation aid and as a non-invasive alternative to penile piercings like a Prince Albert. With a tetherspout (I go by the same name) I am able to easily get off anytime at will, whether my penis is turgid or not. Holding it taut by the tetherspout, I can effectively stroke my penis and force it to ejaculate even when it’s thin and limp as a rope.

But it doesn’t end there. With a tetherspout, I’ve found that I can pleasure and torment my penis in all sorts of imaginative and novel ways. I have documented some of these ways in photo albums on my website. I suggest you look at them. You may not appreciate seeing nothing but closeup pictures of my dick being abused in various ways and, after viewing some of my masturbation practices, you may think I’m a sick degenerate who needs professional help, but I implore you to focus on the tetherspouts and keep an open mind. With a tetherspout there are all sorts of things that you can do to improve your sex life, whether it is just to get off more easily by yourself, or to spice up sex with your partner, or to improve your penis’ response thru physical therapy. I have found, for instance, that when I use a tetherspout in conjunction with a homemade tensioner (as documented in Albums 11 and 12 of my TetherSpout Chronicles) I get unbelievable erections that I haven’t otherwise been able to achieve for the last 10 years, and that forcing abnormally strong erections like that (as physical therapy) makes it easier for me to get a full hard erection at other times.

I deliberately haven’t included a URL as a direct link to the website, in case that would be considered spamming. If you’re interested, you can learn all about tetherspouts by just entering that name in any search engine like Google. The business is named Tether Products and offers an eclectic variety of novel products aimed at enhancing masturbation and self-gratification. Tetherspouts and their suggested uses probably won’t do a lot to cure your ED, but will certainly let you get more pleasure from your penis than you ever thought possible.

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby Viggo55 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:14 pm

In response to

"The other thing I learned is that I can use my left hand as a kind of co*ck ring. I just form a "V" with the first two fingers--I don't try to use my whole fist. (Besides, my teeny weeny isn't big enough for two fists.) Pressing on the pubic bone with the bridge of my palm is actually stimulating and inserting my hoohoo in the crotch of the "V" gives me a co*ck ring of sorts."

This "V" tech really works. What I learned from the advanced masturbation techniques site and this V plan is that I can alternate with the V and when I get a little rise, I slip my "hoohoo" in and out of the fingers, which now generously lubed with pre-cum makes it feel like I am sliding between two red-puckered lips.

As I do get hard-er, I use my tall-man finger and press on my underside, through my scrotum to feel and massage the erection that is coming from within. Make sense?

I am overweight, "dysmetabolic syndrome," they say. But pushing through my fat down to my pubic bone makes me get "bigger." Now I have a bit more to work on/with.

This technique has worked for me to orgasm: in the shower, in bed, or standing before the bathroom sink.

Age 73: I have tried all the pills. Not working. I tried the injections, Trimix. Just could not handle the after-effects of aching. I have a pump, but the wife is not very responsive any more. So I am on my own most of the time, looking at porno and relieving myself, myself. I try once or twice a week. My meds keep me back, too, keep me soft. Now I do admit the pump gets me to 5 1/5 inches. And a ring makes me harder and bluer. But it is really worth it to pull the pud after a short pumpin.

I like this site. Transparency is great. Reading what others do can come from another site, about solotouch-ing. I go there often with a flaccid dick in order to masturbate.

74 year-old white male. BMI = 37.5, obese, ED due to physical condition; arthritic; medications for hypertension, sleep apnea; sedentary. No pills worked. Tri-mix used; pumps help. No sexual intercourse in past three years. "Hand-work now."

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby Crazyjohn46 » Sun May 03, 2015 11:12 pm

After prostactectomy (sp?), radiation, and 3 years of lupron injections, erections don't happen for me. I bought a Venus 2000. It's an expensive but reliable solution for self pleasure. I also have a Cobra Libra, Nobra twincharger, and other male vibrators for self pleasure. I supplement these with erotic videos. I satisfy my wife orally, which we both enjoy. I'm always on the look out for masturbators that are suitable for use without an erection. Unfortunately, they are scarce. I think if someone would develop a fleshlight with a vacuum pump attached, they could make a bundle. I've found the vibrators a good solution for self pleasure without an erection. Both the Cobra Libra and Nobra have variable vibration patterns which are very stimulating. Orgasms can be very intense and can be extended by slowing the frequency. :D

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby MIDBOB293 » Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:24 pm

Thinktank: I was excited readying your thread about masturbating. I have the good and the bad as a status. The bad is prostate seeding and radiation almost 4 years ago. While I can still get an erection using Viagra I have gradually lost the wonderful feeling when ejaculating and I can’t keep the erection long enough to do much with it except masturbate. The good news is my wife loves sex and helps me every way she can. What I found of great interest in your post was the comment about your nipples. I find that with me or her tweaking them it causes an immediate response. We have developed a routine (routine sounds boring but it is just what works best) where we go through foreplay as usual with lots of tongue kissing and then she sucks my nipples and continues while I masturbate and ejaculate (although I don’t produce much anymore). And then I can satisfy her orally.

I am also uncut and find that the head is sensitive and provides a source of pleasure when given oral attention.
Just wanted to share this and comment on the nipples. I did not realize that they were such a great source of pleasure until just a few years ago we were kidding around and I went through the “Aha” moment. Now that is a part of every sexual event.

Thanks to Paul for allowing this free flow of sharing among guys who just try to make the best of what we have.
Had external beam radiation and brachytherapy 2010 with some ED soon after. Viagra works, Some loss of sensation,

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby thinktank » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:44 am


So sorry about the prostate woes. But so glad you have discovered your nipples.......or should I add, your wive discovering your nipples also. Yes, nipple action/suction from my wife while I jack is heavenly. Us older guys have got to find ways to compensate for the ravages of whatever strikes us as we age.

Bro, keep developing your nipple play. It can lead to male multiple orgasms. We men dont need erections to orgasm. Your nipples are directly connected to all your erogenous zones in your body. You have meissner corpuscles in your foreskin and if you relax and tweak your nipples, you can develop and feel wonderful sensations in your foreskin, your coronal ridge, your frenulum, your raphe, your testicals, perineum......anywhere in your body your mind directs the erogenous energy to.

Some may say that this is tantra or eastern practices. Those eastern guys did develop this stuff. All you need to do is google tantra or male multiple orgasms and up will come all the stuff I am talking about.

But I choose to believe that a good God who created these male bodies put all this pleasure into our bodies, and it is for us as older guys usually to begin checking out these things when our penises age and/or we are hit with medical complications which affect our sexual potency as we knew it as younger guys.

Check this nipple, multiple male orgasm stuff out further.

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Re: Masturbating With a Flaccid Dick - TOYS???

Postby Crazyjohn46 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:01 pm

laevgerg wrote:Good discussion - glad I found it. After prostatectomy, i can only get about 10% hard. I can use my hand and orgasm, but unfortunately, my wife, who is happy to accommodate, can't get the technique exactly right. Also, it takes awhile so she gets tired. She is willing to give oral, but it takes so long, it causes her neck pain. I have tried various male toys, but they seem to all be designed for hard ones so nothing I've tried is very satisfactory.

I did discover one thing, and many of you will be glad to hear about this. There is a device called VibErect. (No, this is not an advertisement!) It was recently approved (by someone for something) and requires a prescription. it is designed to help men with ED get an erection. It can also be used to bring on an orgasm. I just got one very recently but may be returning it.

Description: You can just google it and learn all the details, so I'll just be brief here. It's a fairly large, Y-shaped thing with replaceable pads that close on the top & bottom of your dickhead. Both pads vibrate. There is a control for speed. (I only use full-speed-ahead). Instead of just holding it on the head, I clasp the pads just below the head and on my remaining foreskin. Then I can move it up & down like wanking while it vibrates.

The bad: It doesn't make my dead dick come to life. And as a masturbator, for me, it's no more pleasurable than using my hand and a bit more awkward.

The good: It does accommodate a flaccid penis, and my wife can use it on me without getting tired.

The ugly: It costs $300 !!!

So, i really would like to return it if I could find an inexpensive toy that worked as well. Any ideas?

Not inexpensive but I like these: ... +vibrators ... words=Lelo

They both have variable patterns and speeds. It takes a while to get used to climaxing by vibration but it's fun to learn. :P

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby EvilUncleEarnie » Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:04 am

After being put on Testosterone, the interest in sex skyrocketed, but unfortunately the ability is gone. My wife, seems to have no interest in sex. I am not sure if it is because I can't have sex with her or if it is because after menopause she lost interest in sex. If I push her, she will do a hand job on me. With lots of lube she can get me to have an orgasm even though I am mostly limp. She complains if I touch her, because I am to hot, or she is doing something else and doesn't want to be bothered. In bed, she doesn't want to near her because I am to hot. It is getting frustrating because I want to have sex, but I might as well be single. I am considering stopping the testosterone so I will lose interest again.

I masterbate off and on, (it is true, the internet is for porn.) LOL But that almost makes things worse, looking at pictures of women, and realizing that I am useless as far as sex goes, and will probably never have sex of any kind again, just makes the frustration so much worse.

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby Donnie1954 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:22 pm

Prior to my implant, I would massage myself to orgasm. Now my implant leaves me with a convenient stiffie. No need to pump unless I want too! :roll:
Implant AMS 700 CX, MS (18cm x 12mm with 5.5cm RTEs) on 10\4\16. 64 Dr. Edward Kata of Orlando. Awesome surgeon. Check out, 'DD Bryan. My implant journey, Wit and Wisdom, Stretching routine, Implant Pics, Natural Hang. Live in Ga.

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Re: Masturbating/Getting Off With a Flaccid Dick

Postby retexan599 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:26 pm

I have posted before about my vacuum pump. I do not have an implant, but do have E.D. I am not married and no partner, so it is masturbating for me. As an elderly gentleman, help and advice is welcome for sure. I had prostate cancer brachytherapy in 1999. Today I use the electric Encore Impo-Aid pump, with the conical head to apply the Encore silicone ring to the tube, and the sleeve to slip the ring onto the base of the penis. So, I do not need to settle for a limp dick because the erection from the vacuum tube and cock rings (I use two at once) provide a wonderful and responsive erection. Just my way of dealing with my problem.
Age 80, divorced, single.
Prostate seed implant radiation (brachytherapy) 1999.
Like a ship without sailors: 'No seaman'. ;)
No implant.
Use electric Encore Impo-Aid vacuum system. #4 size cock rings.
Coconut Oil lube.

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