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Men Toys

Postby Jorroynde » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:32 am

I want to get my roommate a nice prostate massager/stimulator something or some other kind of anal toy for his birthday. His birthday isn't until spring, but I want to have a toy picked out so I can save up for one and order early.

Anyway, although I myself enjoy anal, I know nothing about the specs for anal toys, especially not anal toys for men. He's never had a toy before, but he does enjoy anal, so he's a beginner to toys, but not a beginner overall.

What kind of specs should I be looking for? Also, if anyone has any toy recommendations with a max price tag of $40, the help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Men Toys

Postby bldoink » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:02 am

I don't think I'm qualified to answer this as I don't have a prostate but I can't resist.

You didn't say if this was for couples play or solo play.
You didn't give even an inference as to what the experience you say he has is. Do you know?
Are you thinking a powered or an unpowered toy?
I think both of those are important considerations.

As for price range, Sex shop retail is going to be limited in that range for the better products. That will leave you shopping Amazon which will add some risk as to genuineness of the product. Some online sex shops, Adam and Eve comes to mind, will have constant sales of 40 to 50% off on your choice of one item, if on their email list. That can make their prices competitive so you might want to sign up.

I have no experience with the product but from what I've read the Aneros line of products seems to be THE brand for male solo prostate toys but as with all first tier brands you will pay extra for the name.
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Re: Men Toys

Postby handfulWES » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:11 pm

The use of a toy is a grand thing. Like the last response I too have some questions. Often, I just enjoy that full feeling with something in my backdoor. I also enjoy having my prostate worked and when you have ED issues this has always helped even when I was a limp noddle. The orgasm where the prostate is involved is many times more powerful than just busting a nut.

I had purchased a toy that was rather large and was to have been waterproof and I spent about $90.00 and it took me almost 2 weeks to get it inside me. Since I was use to ass play and had several toys this one took sometime. It was well worth the effort as I was trying this solo. It had many modes and different visitations and I would turn it on and off and played around for close to an hour before I actually would touch my dick and stroke in a more steady manner. I noticed real quick that things were building so I slowed down on the stroking. I had on my 32" monitor a couple of hunks doing things rather slowly. I didn't realize I was playing that much with Ralph (we have all named our tool) and like normal I was leaking pre and needed no lube. As the waves built, I just decided to keep up my slow play till I realized I was shaking and what I felt words couldn't describe. I was having one orgasm after another and finally I cum in buckets causing me to blackout for a few seconds. My bedroom smelled of hot sex and I realized I had to turn the damn thing off. I was so out of it and my body racked with such intense feelings it took what seemed like for ever to find the off button. I was sitting in my office chair with my feet up on the bed. Once off I was frozen as cum was still leaking out and I felt electricity from head to toe. It had been many years since I had an orgasms and then the ejaculation like that. Oh, I always bust a good one but this may well have been "The Holy Grail". I took out my toy, for the moment wrapped it in a towel and fell asleep in my chair. I hadn't thought to deflate my device so when I woke having to piss like a Russian Race Horse, I was still rock hard and poor Ralph ached. I took Ralph in hand, found the deflate button and squeezed the button and then Ralph. In just seconds he went down but since I still have a fair amount of my copra tissue all Ralph did was hang heavy. I was still weak and decided I wouldn't try standing to take a wiz but sat instead. I was wiped out and got in my recliner and slept for close to 3 hours.

I treated myself for Christmas with a new prostate toy that would be great for a beginner or for someone who is more use to anal play. It is smaller and I am looking for one a bit bigger. The smaller ones are more difficult to stay in if you want to move around, have sex and keep the toy in makes for a difficult situation.

As for buying I purchased my first one from Adam & Eve I think. My last purchase was from Amazon and let me say they have the best selection and at many different prices. I missed a black Friday special on one that generally runs about $200.00 dollars. It was going for $89.00 and fully guarantied water proof. I did get this smaller one for about $40.00 and I will post the particulars later today.

I have a loaded plate today but I did want to chime in on this one. I will offer this, if you want to give your friend a real present, the 2 of you could learn using a finger method. You take care of him and he will take care of you. Just a thought.

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Re: Men Toys

Postby MyImplant » Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:07 pm


Your description was powerful and i think accurate. I think you are using the VICE which i bought and afraid to use because i think it might screw up my rewiring for MMO. In the rewiring process you are urged to NOT touch your genitals.

However after i was successful in MMO i wanted to learn how to have MMO while fucking so my woman could experience these incredible orgasmic triggers. I succeeded. But i am afraid that the VICE might be too overpowering.

At last i have found a person who can relate to the SuperO which you are having.
Good work. Every man should follow you unless they have retired from sex.

Addy some point we might compare notes etc.
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Re: Men Toys

Postby alfa88 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:27 pm

Not to belittle but my opinion is that the reason prostate massage is generally thought of as either gay or kinky is the use of words like 'toy' instead of massager and 'play' instead of massage. The terms tend to trivialize the positives. I still have my prostate at the early stage of enlargement and was intrigued by the claims of health benefits. Googled on prostate cancer rates worldwide and sure enough Asia and N. Africa appear to have the lowest rates and in general, with my limited knowledge, prostate massage in those areas seem to be a more accepted practice. I also verified the claims that there is a lower incidence of P. cancer among gays(no need to go into details why). The Super O? Well that's frosting on the cake. I've ordered my 'massager' and look forward to massages and hopefully a healthier prostate. Time will tell if I can get off Terazosin, albeit small dosage. 8-)
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