Blow Job question

There is more to sex than an erect penis. How do you maintain your sexuality both for yourself and for your partner? What techniques do you use to give both of you a great, satisfying sex life? How do you explore your own body and sexuality now that the rules have changed?
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Re: Blow Job question

Postby mcdave555 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:26 pm

good info you guys, my first wife fucked like a mink but would not do blow jobs, she thought it was dirty, my 2nd wife of 12 years does it quite often and she licks up the salty cum, also she likes me to go down on here so a fun tie we have at over 70
I am also using Trimix and it lasts for sometimes over 2 hours

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Re: Blow Job question

Postby stephen54 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:19 pm

mcdave555 wrote:good info you guys, my first wife fucked like a mink but would not do blow jobs, she thought it was dirty, my 2nd wife of 12 years does it quite often and she licks up the salty cum, also she likes me to go down on here so a fun tie we have at over 70
I am also using Trimix and it lasts for sometimes over 2 hours

That's awesome, man. Awesome.

Yeah...that Trimix stuff when it's still maximally effective and doing what it does's just ridiculous, isn't it? I explained in another post my experiences with Trimix and, like you, I had that experience for a lot of years. Iron-bar-hardons which went for 1-2 hours, multiple orgasms (for us both) in a single 60, 90+ minute session, just complete obliterating Olympic exhaustion. Made me feel like an absolute GOD to be able to blow her mind like that.

Praying this Titan delivers same.

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Re: Blow Job question

Postby Charlie2019 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:53 pm

Happy Toy wrote:My first time receiving (and giving), oral was when I was in my early teens and was with my best ,male, friend. I have loved it ever since!

Wish it had been me.. :D
53 years old. 3 botched circumcisions starting at 3 years old. 2 botched reconstructive attempts, finally got the AMS LGX on Dec 14, 2017 in London Ontario by Dr. Gerry Brock. Great Dr. Love my implant

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Re: Blow Job question

Postby vajim1 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 9:39 am

Like Happy Toy that was mine too! :D
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Re: Blow Job question

Postby Beachdude » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:59 am

Very good question, and some very good replies. My story is like some of the others. We've been married for 30 years. When we were dating, she gave incredible blowjobs. I remember the first one from her, and I was thinking, she's definitely done this before. But after we married, they just stopped. I didn't complain because like some others, I just really preferred intercourse anyway. I also love giving oral to her, probably as much as she enjoys receiving it. But as of late, for some reason, I have been longing for another BJ from her. But she just doesn't like doing it and only did it before because she though that was what guys preferred. So I guess I will have to just do without. But I still love giving her oral and feel oral is actually the most intimate form of sex in that you are totally giving her/him pleasure that is essentially directed only at them at that moment. My wife, luckily for me, orgasms easily from both oral and intercourse. So she has multiple orgasms during each session, and does a lot for my ego, which is really needed in that I do suffer from ED.
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Re: Blow Job question

Postby Old Guy » Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:19 pm

Since this came to the top again I read through every post. Lots of good stories.
Long ago when single I knew a lady who loved sucking dick. One night after work she asked for a ride home but directed me to a street along a park that was real dark. When she told me to stop I thought she don't live here, there's no houses. By that time she was already grabbing at my pants. She unzipped me, pulled out my cock and sucked me dry. That went on for over a year, mostly 5 nights a week.
My current wife will suck me IF I ask. She has never sucked me off in our 33 years. I feel like she does it just because I ask, and doesn't enjoy it. She just don't get into it. On the other hand if I do oral on her she moans and will usually have an orgasm. She is normally a quiet fuck, only a little ooohhh when she orgasms on my dick.
68 years old when Coloplast Titan OTR implanted 11-08-2019. Viagra, Trimix, QuadMix all failed after a while. Married to my beautiful 17 year younger wife for 32+ years. As much as it was a tough recovery for me I'm glad I had it done.

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Re: Blow Job question

Postby dtwarren1942 » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:24 pm

I am using a VED and Osbon tension bands to generate and maintain an erection. Accordingly, I have difficulty achieving an orgasm. Once my wife has her orgasm, she is willing to give me a blow job, but, unfortunately, by the time it is my turn, my dick is too insensitive and my wife has a very low gag threshold so she can’t go much below my glans which is not enough to get me to orgasm. Very frustrating so I usually beg off.
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Re: Blow Job question

Postby Lester33 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:54 pm

That was the exact reason I knew after the first time of pumping with bands it wasn’t going to work for us.
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Re: Blow Job question

Postby Reggieman » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:21 pm

Retired. R.P. 2016. Bilateral nerve sparing surgery didn't work so now use .15cc of Bimix twice weekly. Moderately incontinent, anorgasmia, decreased penis sensitivity. Wife no longer interested so go solo with Electro-stim using Erostek ET-312.

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