Tried to get a boner with intense stroking, OUCH!

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Tried to get a boner with intense stroking, OUCH!

Postby Canadian_patient » Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:01 pm

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago, I was masturbating alone, and I couldn't get it up so I got mad and started stroking very intensively and then I felt a sting that hurt me pretty bad. It was around the glans area, maybe a little under the glans on the shaft. I had a semi rigid erection when that happened. The sting hurt so much that it killed my boner.

Anyways, I waited a few days and I can still get an erection, but the area around the glans was still sore during the erection. A few weeks later (now), I feel like the area is still sore (but it doesn't hurt, and I don't feel pain).

Did any of you ever experience a sting like this during masturbation? Should I be concerned that the area is still sore (but not painful)?


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