Depression haven't moved out of bed for the 4 days

What are your fears? Ideas? Hints? to coping with ED. What helps you with your mental game? How are relationships affected?
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Re: Depression haven't moved out of bed for the 4 days

Postby Charlie2019 » Mon May 25, 2020 7:50 pm

young_and_impotent wrote:Since the surgery I have been depressed about my length. Now I have a small and thin penis. I don't know why this happened I guess all the ED shortened my penis. But I had assumed sticking a rod on the OT would offset that. I regret not going for VED. Actually I did buy two VEDs but they didn't work.

I honestly don't believe cycling would help too much. My implant is too small. Going for a revision to Eid or Kramer in the US would be too expensive right now. I don't even know that I would they would even do the surgery or I would even gain any length. Honestly I'm half hoping this implant fails soon.

I am trying to buy a VED in India but I am not getting anything. Perhaps I will ask my surgeon, but he has to agree that post op VED works. I think I should give it a try.

Right now I'm supposedly 90% inflated and the pump feels like a rock. I would like to start cycling but it's too painful. I'm afraid if I deflate it I won't be able to inflate it again.

I am not angry with my surgeon. I think he tried his best.

Maybe I should accept my new normal which is 4.5 inches and move on. Maybe later down the road get a revision. Till then at least I can get hard right?

Cycle twice a day, every day for 30 minutes each. It will grow... Honest. :)
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