Implant for Severe Psychogenic ED

What are your fears? Ideas? Hints? to coping with ED. What helps you with your mental game? How are relationships affected?

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Implant for Severe Psychogenic ED

Postby defiant » Thu May 24, 2018 7:06 am

I am just wondering what people’s thoughts are on seeking an implant to put to bed the endless issues that come with a psychogenic ED that has snowballed for over a decade.

In my case, I have not had the opportunity sadly to really try and get rid of the problem with a partner even though I have been in understanding relationships, unstable and insecure as they were....

Cialis also, despite the waves of anxiety, still works and I have a 95-97% success rate with it since the beginning of my time on it. I’m 34 right now, have had multiple investigations including 2 dopplers which were ‘normal’ even though my erections were weak as hell, (though I understand that isn’t the determinant of healthy blood flow in this test) and one night time study with 5 normal long lasting erections in the night.

But how long can one go on with this BS?!

Seeking advice from people on how a single man should move forward with this; explaining to new women, broaching sex with newcomers, whether I should just pack it in and get an implant!?

I refuse to not have sex.
35 y.o, mild to moderate ED since 21, 3 Dopplers with 1 result of VL & 3 later results of NO physical problem, critically dependent on cialis (efficacy now waning), overcame Lymophoma at 26, ED causing immense & profound psychological distress

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Re: Implant for Severe Psychogenic ED

Postby Robert-CA » Thu May 24, 2018 11:51 pm

If the Cialis works for you, I'd stick with that.

An implant can't be undone. Patient satisfaction is incredibly high, but there are downsides. There's a long recovery period after surgery, and some men experience extreme pain for several weeks. There is also the risk of mechanical failure (yes, implants do break).

There are a number of experimental treatments in the queue. They are YEARS away. But you are still very young, and if the Cialis works, I'd stick with it. ... sfunction/

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Re: Implant for Severe Psychogenic ED

Postby young_and_impotent » Sun May 27, 2018 7:46 am

Isn't 95-97% success rate completely normal?
26 year old with severe lifelong ED.
Haven't had erections good enough for sex in a decade.
Penis and Libido completely dead now.
No problems healthwise whatsoever.
Currently seeing doctors.
Undergone 2 penile doppler tests both 'successful'.

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