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by rbrown
Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:40 pm
Forum: Injections
Topic: bruises after injection
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bruises after injection

Today I injected my penis. 5 minutes later I got a huge lump across the upper side below the injection spot. Now, after hours, the right side of my penis is all black and blue. What happened? Anyone else have this happen?
by rbrown
Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:59 pm
Forum: Introductions and Hellos
Topic: Specialist in field
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Re: Specialist in field

If you haven't found doctor yet, Dr Michael Werner in NY is very good. He will quote you a price for visit and he will help you!
by rbrown
Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:53 pm
Forum: Introductions and Hellos
Topic: New Registering Members - forum guidelines
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Re: New Registering Members - Please Read

Wasn't sure how to do this. I am a new member. 65, had Ed for at least 8 years (low T before that, pituitary tumor, lost interest in sex for a while). Have gone from pills to injections recently, with success. The whole experience has actually brought my wife and I closer together and improved our s...
by rbrown
Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:50 pm
Forum: Injections
Topic: First experiences with injections
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Re: First experiences with injections

My doctor is an expert in sexual health, and has been very helpful in guiding me in the injections. Go on line and find someone who is a urologist specializing in men's sexual issues. He has helped with dosage and everything. The thought of a needle in my penis, or of me doing it, was a bit intimida...
by rbrown
Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:34 pm
Forum: Injections
Topic: We need your questions
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Re: We need your questions

First, I would pay for a video I could watch at home, with my wife. Second, I have a question--why does it work better some times than others? IN the office I got a great erection, but at home it was weak, even with a slightly bigger dose.

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