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by Bushpig
Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:54 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Totally mushy flaccid
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Re: Totally mushy flaccid

You will be very, very lucky to have it pointing at 1pm. For the vast majority it will be at 3pm.
by Bushpig
Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:19 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Low libido
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Low libido

Has anyone with an implant have low libido and If so how have you improved it?
by Bushpig
Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:02 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: So scared to do implant surgery
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Re: So scared to do implant surgery

Most guys are scared i guess. Some like myself did not know about this site so had no idea what to expect. Consider yourself lucky to be hearing true accounts from real guys who have been through it and not just what Doctors say. Much more can go right for you than go wrong so look on the bright sid...
by Bushpig
Tue Jul 21, 2020 3:40 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Who is cycling and who is not and why?
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Re: Who is cycling and who is not and why?

I cycled for 1 hr once everyday for the first 15 months and gained 2.5 cm in length and 1 cm in girth. I've always pumped up to 100% ( very painful for the first couple of months but pain reduced )
I cycle for masturbation or sex at least 3 or 4 times a week now at 100% inflation with no pain.
by Bushpig
Sun Jul 05, 2020 4:41 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Question for guys with long do you last?
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Re: Question for guys with long do you last?

I have asking a similar question a couple of months ago and didn't get much feed back. My question was how long are guy really pumping away for? I hear too many stories of men pumping away for hours and quite frankly it is just not possible - even if you are bionic! Technically, yes you can pump awa...
by Bushpig
Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:58 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Cold penis after implant ?
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Re: Cold penis after implant ?

I and many experience a cold one after an Implant. Mine still has a slight cold feel about it two year post implant - It has improved with time.
I haven't had any complaints about it feeling cold and have had no problem making her cum.
I'm sure it's temperature increases when it's inside her.
by Bushpig
Sat May 30, 2020 11:44 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Does penis still get warm after implant?
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Re: Does penis still get warm after implant?

Mine had a cold feel to it for a long time. It has improved and 24 months post op there is still a bit of coldness and numbness to it but nothing to worry about.
by Bushpig
Sun May 24, 2020 1:44 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Injection Vs implant?
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Re: Injection Vs implant?

I went from pills to injections. Injections worked well at first but after about two years became more hit and miss. The things i didnt like were; 1/ Having to plan for sex and hoping that your woman is on the same page or you could be sporting an uncomfortable hard on for hours. 2/ Having to carry ...
by Bushpig
Sun May 24, 2020 1:21 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Shape of penis
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Re: Shape of penis

Mine had a flatter more rectangular shape to it for a very long time. Now two years later the shape has 'improved' to be more oval. ( Very round when deflated)
by Bushpig
Sat May 09, 2020 7:32 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: 21 Years Old Implant next month advice appreciated
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Re: 21 Years Old Implant next month advice appreciated

I waited six weeks before having sex. At that stage i was still getting burning sensations along my shaft when i pumped up so sex was a bit uncomfortable and i had to keep my sessions short. As time progressed the burning reduced and i could go longer. My advice to you is be patient, the pump gets e...

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