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by strongagain
Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:48 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Need List of Good NYC Docs Other Than Dr. Eid
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Re: Need List of Good NYC Docs Other Than Dr. Eid

Why not Dr. Eid?
by strongagain
Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:45 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Injection or Implant? Which Feels Better Sexually?
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Re: Injection or Implant? Which Feels Better Sexually?

Injections have the big advantage that your dick might bend to one side (Peyronie’s). Often hour glass dents develope, another great result of injections. To inject when implanted is highly advisable of course :lol:
by strongagain
Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:37 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Urologist -- Male or Female?
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Re: Urologist -- Male or Female?

My female urologist handled my dick, I looked at her clearly visible labia - my dick stayed limp. Well, that wasn’t my best day... Soon after that I made inquiries about penile implants.
by strongagain
Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:25 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Infection rate seems quite high...
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Re: Infection rate seems quite high...

With top surgeons the rate is quite low, otherwise they wouldn‘t have countless highly satisfied patients. Just go to one of the very best doctors, no matter the distance.
by strongagain
Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:51 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Scared to death
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Re: Scared to death

What are the names of the “top 3 uros“? Why are you playing russian roulette - why don‘t you book Dr. Eid? With him you are in the absolute best hands. Don‘t complain if something goes wrong with one of the others. Obviously even when with Dr. Eid a problem might occur, but his rate of success is in...
by strongagain
Tue May 29, 2018 5:47 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: The BULGE
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I‘m wearing boxers so my dick hangs - and it seems to be quite visible. Today in a shopping mall I could hear some girls giggle, I guess I know why. Often people look, a fact which I don‘t like. Maybe I should wear tight briefs and put that thing upward? But let it hang is way more comfortable and i...
by strongagain
Tue May 22, 2018 9:35 am
Forum: Implants
Topic: Are Injections Bad for Penis Health?
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Re: Are Injections Bad for Penis Health?

I have used injections for a couple of months. Then the penis started to bend to the left and on both sides hour glass dents developed. So I went to the urologist and asked her why she hadn't mentioned the danger of injections. Well she said, I thought because you are excellent informed you know tha...
by strongagain
Mon May 21, 2018 1:36 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Semen/Ejaculation quality
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Re: Semen/Ejaculation quality

That has nothing to do with the implant but with your age. The older you get the slower it comes out. When I was young sometimes I had to clean my eyes when I was finished. Now I‘m like you, it just dribbles. I would like to get back to my previous shooting abilities and also to the production of mo...
by strongagain
Wed May 16, 2018 5:17 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: Does anyone here miss their old dick?
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Re: Does anyone here miss their old dick?

Of course I miss that big beauty, some women called it magnificent looking. Never let me down, I could last for ever - then with age 57 came the operation (colon cancer)...
by strongagain
Sat May 12, 2018 4:03 pm
Forum: Implants
Topic: implant removal
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Re: implant removal

I wouldn’t listen to laymen but speak to a doctor. Over the last couple months, I went to see Dr. Kramer in Baltimore, Dr. Perito in Miami, Dr. Martz in Englewood, FL, Dr. Kata in Orlando, Dr. Eid in Manhatten and Dr. Carrion in Miami. I've had a CT scan and an MRI both with and without contrast. T...

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